The Tired Update 7/21/2019

Hello everyone and welcome to another Tired Update. This is just a post where I talk about some of the things I have been up to and some future content I would like to do.

First off, I finally beat the first Dead Space game! This was suppose to be my main game that I would focus on, but because of its spooky nature, I could only play an hour at a time. Sheesh, I know. I have beaten it though, so I plan on writing up a review for it hopefully later tonight. In the mean time, you can read up on my initial impressions on the first bit of the game here.

I have a set up for recording gameplay now. Originally I would had loved to of gotten this up much sooner, but it took a little time. So I will be doing video stuff in the relatively near future. I know I say this on just about every Tired Update, but I am trying, I promise!

I think I will be doing a video version of these Tired Updates as well because why not? It won’t be a video of me though, just gameplay and me talking about this junk I am writing about. Just gives me more of a reach to people. Besides, people like to watch and listen to things more than reading anymore.

Listening is another thing entirely. I miss doing that podcast thing. But the commitment to doing a weekly podcast is entirely impossible with life and work right now. But doing short updates on the things I am playing or writing about in audio form sounds like it could be good.

You can listen to my previous podcast episodes here, so search for The Tired Obsidian Podcast on any pod-catcher you use.

I don’t want to spread myself too thin, especially since my writing is always off and on as well. Seeing other bloggers releasing Patreon and doing so much more in a significantly shorter amount of time that I have had this thing going is such a bummer. But I just gotta work for it and see where it goes!

So yeah, thats it for the Tired Update. More stuff coming soon!

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