Walking through narrow corridors, getting trapped in rooms filling with abominations, and never knowing if that canister fell over on its own, or was pushed. Dead Space is one of the best horror games I have played to date.

Dead Space is a third person shooter and horror game with some light RPG bits thrown in there. The story is about a simple mechanic named Isaac going into space and finding a mining vessel that has gone dark. The twist is that your wife Nicole is also on this ship and you want to find her.

Had things happen, aliens attack, and you are stranded on this dead ship with seemingly no way to get off. The story gets a little weird after this. There are some religious stuff for some artifact found in a colony on some random planet. I think.

Honestly, the story feels kind of bare bones. The main focus was to get off the ship, but finding your wife was also a priority for me. Everything else just felt kind of thrown together, and I kind of did not care too much on the reason why there were aliens on the ship. It was more of I just need to survive and leave. The twist at the end of the game was not a surprise at all. I had an inkling the whole time, but man did it play really well.

The game mechanics and atmosphere of Dead Space is where it really shines. The weapons are some of the most diverse weapons in gaming. The plasma cutter is definitely one of my favorite weapons in all of gaming now. Dismembering enemies was a nice touch too. I know it’s not something entirely new in the age of gaming, but I know Dead Space seemed to pioneer the mechanic and they did it really well.

Dead Space is spooky as hell. Most spaces feel cramped, everything is dark and claustrophobic. I genuinely never felt safe in the game at all. Even in the save station rooms enemies would still appear and attack you.

Speaking of enemies, they were constantly evolving. At first you start off with enemies with giant swords for arms. You then graduate to enemies with exploding arms, giant armored monsters, and fat exploding types that release smaller enemies that are a nightmare to aim at. Oh, there’s also a super tall guy that sounds like a whale and explodes into tiny squid monsters. So thats fun.

There were a few things I was not a fan of in Dead Space. The zero air spaces were awful, but were only awful because of how tense those situations felt. Not being able to hear an enemy in space is terrifying, and I hated it. This really just added to the atmosphere of the game, so I can’t knock the game for it.

The fucking asteroid section was dog shit. I know I am not alone in this. It was a terrible mini game to just randomly throw into an otherwise amazing game. The shooting for it was bad, and it almost did not seem entirely fair. I was so scared that I was going to end up not wanting to finish the game because of it. I ended up beating it after my 6th try on it, but I had to take on the game afterwards.

So after a few months of starting the game, and almost 10 hours of play time, I finally beat Dead Space. It was a wild ride and actually really great. There were a only a few nitpicks I had with the game, but overall I would recommend it to any one who enjoys horror games. Dead Space is definitely a game from last generation and I look forward to playing Dead Space 2 in the near future.