Gears 5 Versus Tech Test is Bad Ass

The first taste of Gears 5 is here! Unfortunately for me it’s the multiplayer that I am not great at, but we do get a little bit of a peak of the current cast of characters like Del and Baird while getting introduced to the game mechanics in a mode called Boot Camp.

When first booting up the tech test you get to play as Del. If you don’t remember who Del is, he’s from Gears 4 and was J.D.’s friend. And if you don’t remember who J.D. is then you need to go play Gears 4 because it actually was still a good game overall.

Boot Camp just runs you through the mechanics of the game. Using cover, throwing grenades, and doing the roadie run. There is a lot of back and forth between Baird and Del and I enjoy it a lot. I did not spend as much time with Del as I have with Baird, but I genuinely missed these characters.

After Boot Camp I jumped right into a multiplayer game. I’m not great at Gears multiplayer. Never have been. As soon as I jumped into this match though, I was annihilating the enemy team. I actually played incredibly well. This could be because there are new players to the franchise (which would be weird) or just my multiplayer prowess was unleashed, but I played really well. Enough to make me want to play more, and now not only am I looking forward to the largest Gears campaign to date, but I am also looking forward to the multiplayer.

This tech test was a great idea for Gears 5. It really showed off how well the game is running. Sure there were server issues when it was first launched, but that is to be expected. The game looks absolutely beautiful, controls amazingly well, and brings back all the characters you love and hate. It’s perfect.

Any one else playing the tech test? How are you feeling on it? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Gears 5 Versus Tech Test is Bad Ass

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  1. I missed playing Gears 5 this weekend, but to be honest I wasn’t that excited for it at E3, but I’ve heard really good things about the tech test. Hmmm…

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    1. It ran incredibly well and was a ton of fun. E3 was bad for it. The multiplayer was the only thing that had not shown off and it just did not show well. The trailer was bad lol. Its fun though!

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