Why won’t you let me play you, Dauntless?

I remember when Dauntless was announced. A lot of people called it a Monster Hunter clone. I had never even played a Monster Hunter game, but I loved the art style for the game and it seemed a lot less daunting (lol) than Monster Hunter. I was excited to play it.

Now, I am definitely a console player, but there are certain games that come to PC first that I will end up buying because they just look way too damn cool. Like Darkest Dungeon. I own a copy of that game on just about every system that has it, but I played a ton of it on PC first when it was in early access. Dauntless was the same thing. I was actually lucky enough to get a closed beta (or maybe alpha, I forget) code for the game on PC. I redeemed it and of course it turned out my laptop just could not cut it. I was sad, but I knew the game was coming to consoles eventually, so I had to hide my time.

Dauntless has finally released as a free to play game on consoles, everyone rejoice! Except it seems a very small amount of people are even able to get in. I have tried on 3 separate occasions to log in. The first time I was in a queue and my number was 20,000. Alright, first day jitters, it’s fine. My second attempt late last night got me at 100. I still didn’t feel like waiting. Who knew if it was even going to move within the hour, but it seemed like things were getting figured out!

Booting up the game today netted me the number 30,000. Why does Dauntless just not want me to play it at all? I know, I know, a anticipated free to play game is going to get a lot of traffic. I just wish they would have figured something out by now. I’m a huge fan of the game and I haven’t gotten to play it yet.

Especially after playing Monster Hunter Worlds. That game is excellent, but honestly a bit much for me to keep up with. Dauntless seems like a pretty solid Monster Hunter lite in a sense. Hopefully they decide to let me play the game eventually.

Have you gotten into the game at all on console yet? Let me know what you think of it!

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