Death Stranding’s Hype Train Rolls into Station with a New Trailer, Posters, and Release Date

If you haven’t seen Hideo Kojima’s latest trailer for his new game, go do that right now. Here, let me help you.

Okie, did you watch it? It looks absolutely amazing right now. I have always been skeptical, and honestly down right annoyed by how people, including Kojima himself, have been treating this game. The secrecy just turned me off of it entirely. Constant teases with literally no context at all made me raise an eye brow at most, but ultimately I was a whatever guy. I wanted to wait for the gameplay. Now that we have seen it, I am beyond excited.

I’m not one to analyze game trailers. If I enjoy them, I enjoy them. I will leave that up to the more professional video experts in the industry. I thought it looked great though.

November 8th, 2019 is the release date for the game. I think we all knew it was coming this year. Yet, people still seem a bit surprised that the development of the game did not take longer. I think using another developers engine instead of building one from scratch definitely helped them speed up the process there. Thanks, Guerrilla Games for that beautiful Decima Engine.

Kojima released is own little synopsis of the story of Death Stranding, which is honestly still confusing for the most part, but you can tell he is really trying to try something new in the gaming space, and I can’t wait to see it.

The gameplay in the trailer looks great. It really shows everything off, from exploring the landscape using unique tools, brawling with some hazmat assholes, and what seems to be switching between different realties and using guns to take out enemies.

Below is promo art for a few new characters that were shown off in this new trailer.


I’m not the only person praising Kojima’s latest trailer. People from around the gaming community, including other game developers, have reached out to Kojima recognizing the brilliance of the game so far.

Along with this latest trailer, a collectors edition has also been announced. And yes, it comes with a replica baby.

There are several other editions as well, but the one I will be looking at will be the digital deluxe edition through the PS4 store. The physical editions seem fine enough, but man am I just kind of over all the big bulky stuff. I always end up being disappointed with the goodies. Going digital means getting a bunch of in-game stuff and I am always all about that.

So what did you guys think of the latest trailer? Did the gameplay sell you on it too? Or is the story still a little too weird? Sound off!

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