Days Gone Early Game Impressions

I was initially super excited about Days Gone. Seemed like it was a straight forward, mostly narrative but tense gameplay sort of game. After it released I of course saw all the not so stellar reviews from a lot of gaming sites. Forth a toy for me though, I follow a lot of gamers on Twitter and they were telling everyone to ignore these paid game reviewers and to give the game a shot. They were loving it. So I did.

Days Gone is set in a post-apocalyptic Oregon

After booting up the game and playing the first hour of the tutorial bit. The opening feels like it could be in the same world as The Last of Us. Panicked people running away from zombies/freakers/crazy people. There’s a time hop, and it’s after the world went to shit. You play as Deacon and you’re kind of an ass hole. I am all about this honestly. Tired of being the nice guy all the time.

Freakers are fucking terrifying though. You watch a cutscene where they’re eating each other, growling and crawling around. It’s so weird. And you see kids that were turned into Freakers too. Nothing feels more fucked upturn clubbing these monsters with a baseball bat. After a nice and tense stealth section, it seemed I had finished the tutorial section. The world opened up to me, and I got really sad.

Your motorcycle is definitely important. Don’t forget the gas!

It was another open world game. I use to love open world games with all my heart, but as I get older I have significantly less time to play games. Straight forward, story based games are what I gravitate towards nowadays. After realizing it was an open world game, I sighed, saved the game, and turned it off. I told myself I will get back to it in a little bit, but I did not have enough time to start exploring.

Fast forward a month later. I finally hooked my PS4 back up after going hard on The Division 2 on my Xbox One. I had zero desire to start the game all over again, I just booted up where I left off of Days Gone and did a quick check with the button layout. Then I ventured off, killing people called Drifters. This is the kind of stuff I will never understand in games like these. Why am I going into camps and killing people off? Should the non-freakers be working together? I guess that must be too much to ask of a world that went to shit so quickly.

Freakers freak me the fuck out.

Everything about Days Gone reminds me of an open world TheLast of Us, honestly. I would not be surprised to find out it was suppose to be some sort of spin off game for it. The weapon wheel is there, along with the crafting in the same sort of menu. Taking out humans and Freakers with a knife feels incredibly similar to taking out infected as well. It’s not bad at all, just feels similar but also slightly inferior.

Huge areas with a massive amount of Freakers clumped together are a nightmare to deal with.

So far I have cleared out an entire area of Freaker nests and took out a Drifter camp. My main goal seems to be upgrading my shitty motorcycle and then taking off with my homie Boozer. Moving on north and starting over I guess. But I’m also a bounty hunter do random stuff for camps as well. It’s a weird set up for sure, but whatever. Feels like video game mechanics.

I am enjoying my time with Days Gone right now. People call it the most video game ass video game to come out this year and so far I agree. It has not done anything spectacular yet for me, but it is doing a lot of things pretty well. I look forward to giving out another update here soon!

Who else has been playing Days Gone? Let me know what you think of it!

One way to handle a swarm is to mow them down with guns. Doesn’t always work though.

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