From Frozen New York to Humid DC – The Division 2 Impressions

Ubisoft’s The Division 2 launched a few weeks ago and has had a huge amount of success. The launch had very minimal issues, which is rare for an online looter shooter like this one, and it seems like it is doing everything right. I have been playing the game and loving it so far. I unfortunately haven’t had as much time to play as I normally would want to, and so I still haven’t hit end game content. That being said, I just hit level 15 so I think I might be about half way through now.

TD2 has great mechanics in terms of playing the game. I like shooting, I like the armor system, and getting new loot is always exciting. Fighting enemies is great too. They’re all improved from the first game, with them knowing how to flank you, how to suppressive fire, all that. It makes the game more challenging and it feels good.

The menu system is the worst part of the game in my opinion. Menus within menus within menus. I hate having the exclamation mark telling me I have new info or stuff, but eventually I got tired of trying to search for all of it.

The game is also dark as fuck. By dark, I mean sometimes impossible to see anything at all. The worst time to go out and do anything is when its night time and raining. I will sometimes just hang out and wait till it gets light out or stops raining altogether. A flashlight needs to be implemented badly, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Outside of it being awful in dark places, DC is amazing. I love the floral areas, it all seems so diverse, especially since we were stuck in time in a frozen New York. Not saying I didn’t enjoy NYC, but I am really having a great time with this new space.

The story seems more of the same. Bad guys moving in and want to control Washington. There are a bit more going on when you pick up the audio files and stuff like that, but it doesn’t seem like its anything special as of right now.

I have yet to dive into the Dark Zone yet, TD2’s PvEvP space. I dis the initial mission to unlock it, but I haven’t done much more. I want to finish up the main story stuff before doing anything more.

The world feels much more alive in this sequel. You are developing these settlements to help people. Working on projects to better these people’s lives. It actually feels like I am doing so much more to do good in the space I am in.

The Division 2 has been an amazing time so far. I love playing multiplayer with my brother and just collecting things. It is a lot more challenging, but feels so much more rewarding as well. And you know Ubisoft will be continuously working on the game to make it better and add new content. This will definitely be a game I will be sticking with for a while.

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