The Tired Update 4/13/2021

It’s been a bit, it always is between these posts. My bad. I justed wanted to give a quick update on what I’ve been doing these past few weeks.

I finished the main story for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla! Around 110 hours for that. I then decided to go take out the entire Order list, with a predictable ending to that, unfortunately. I still have the story for the Gods to go through now, but really just slowly chipping away at that for now. I plan on having a post up with my final thoughts on the story soon!

My main focus has been the game Prey. I originally got this game back when it first was released, but bounced off it pretty hard. Not entirely sure why. It actually might be because of how difficult that combat is. Since I changed it to the easiest setting, I am really enjoying it. The combat is easy enough that I’m never stressing about it. I’ve put about 20 hours into the game so far, so expect a small thoughts piece on that soon!

I also did Pascal’s Wager review for Game Critics. You can check that out right here!

Finally, I just bought my first Vita! I’ve never owned one, and now that the Vita stores are closing down this year, I thought now was a good time to do it. It wasn’t.

Vitas are so damn expensive right now. And the memory cards are even more ridiculous! I just want to play these games I missed out on, like Uncharted Golden Abyss and Sly Cooper. My memory card will be here soon, so until then the Vita is just sitting on my desk, waiting to be played. Maybe I can do a post on that as well!

Now, I doubt any one is actually wondering this, but the Unfiltered Podcast idea I was trying to start up has been put on hold for right now. Getting others to join on this podcast and with my wonky schedule, it’s been a pain. Maybe I’ll eventually have a podcast idea stick. One day.

What are you guys playing? Anything of note? Let me know!

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