My Time with Rampart, Apex’s Newest Hero

Rampart is Apex Legends latest champion, and I was pretty excited for her. Seeing a mini gun is always pretty exciting, and the amped cover that I would use in Titanfall 2 multiplayer all the time making an appearance in Apex is rad as hell. So how do I like playing as Rampart so far? Read below!

Ramparts real name is Ramya Parekh, and she’s basically a bad ass mechanic. She’s a defensive character with the ability to drop three amped covers, making your shots that go through it just a little bit more spicy.

For her ultimate she can drop Sheila. Sheila is a mini gun turret. It’s stationary but can swivel a bit. Pretty cool right? What’s even better is that if her ULT refills, she can place another mini gun down, up to three. So everyone on your crew can be mounted up and ready for any one to who tries to roll up on them.

I’ve been pretty focused on playing the season challenges to get through the Season Pass, and Rampart definitely doesn’t show up as much for me for challenges. My play time with her isn’t as high as I would’ve liked, but she is pretty cool.

I think my biggest issue is stationary defense characters are kind of hard to use for me. It’s why I don’t play as Wattson as much either. Caustic and Gibraltar are pretty mobile with their defense stuff so I use them quite a bit.

I think I will eventually get around to figuring out the best way to use Rampart, but playing with randoms really sucks. I gotta get a crew together to really get some time to figure her out. So far she’s not my first choice for a defensive character though, and honestly I feel like I rarely see her in games I play. Hopefully she picks up as a character though, I’ll give her more time before I write her off though.

Rampart’s Quest for this season was interesting. It was all done in comic book style, so unlike last season with Loba and Revenants storyline, we just flipped through pages to reveal a story. Her and Mirage have quite a dynamic going and that’s interesting for sure.

If you want to know more about Rampart and her lore, check out her Apex Legends Gamepedia here!

How does everyone else like Rampart? Let me know below!


Tired Obsidian

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