Rumor: Titanfall Battle Royale getting Announced Today

Update: Apparently the name will be Apex Legends.

A YouTube channel called TheQuartering, who I have never heard of or watch honestly but has built up quite a following and reputation, put out a video detailing a possible Titanfall Battle Royale game being announced today and stealth launch this coming Monday.

He claims to have insider knowledge, but lets be real. He talked to some of his more popular YouTuber buddies that were actually invited to go and play this game in secret and they just let it slip or something. Shroud and Dr. Disrespect are the two popular streamer names everyone is throwing around saying they already played it.

Unfortunately it sounds like the game won’t feel exactly like Titanfall 2’s multiplayer, and will be more akin to CoD Black Ops 4 and weirdly Rainbow Six Siege.

Matches will be teams of 3 and its set in the Titanfall universe, but not much more info was dropped. No clue on how big that map is of it it will take cues from Black Ops 4 and incorporate old game maps. There will reportedly have different classes to play as.

Obviously there will be some sort of microtransactions. I suspect the battle pass type, seems to be the less hated thing in these game modes.

The idea of Titanfall BR was super cool at first, until I realized the game won’t feel like the original multiplayer. And more than likely we won’t have titans to drop either. We will probably be playing as grunts on the ground. I’m holding out hope for this though, might be enjoyable.

Respawn also has. Star Wars game in development and slated for this year. Seeing how they got bought by EA and have that extra boost in resources I don’t think its currently in any delay situation over this. Besides, Battle Royale games seem to get developed pretty quickly.

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