Top Games from E3 2018 #2

The Last of Us Part II I honestly didn't watch this at the press conference. Like I said in the first post, I only got the opportunity to watch Microsofts conference, arguably the best one of E3. But after watching the trailer for this game, I am even more excited for it. If you haven't... Continue Reading →

Top Games of E3 2018 #3

Dying Light 2 Dying Light has been one of my favorite games of this generation. The parkour, the zombies, the stressful night attacks. So good. Now, I really wasn't holding my breath for this sequel to be announced. Techland has been hard at work supporting the first game with free content drops. They are also... Continue Reading →

Top Games of E3 2018 #4

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Well, this one was actually a surprise to me. It was leaked about a week or so ahead of E3, so we knew this was coming to Ubisoft's press conference. That being said, I absolutely thought th AC franchise was going to take a year off. Ubisoft was so happy after taking... Continue Reading →

Top Games from E3 2018 #8

Resident Evil 2 Remake I have been a follower of the Game Trailers, now Easy Allies, crew for years now. And one of the main guys name is Michael Huber. Now, Huber is probably one of the most jolly people I know. His excitement for video games is almost unparalleled in the gaming atmosphere. He... Continue Reading →

Top Games from E3 2018 #9

Death Stranding If Cyberpunk 2077 made it on this list with just a trailer, of course Death Stranding will make it as well. It's still more of the same. Trailers telling a story and we have no clue what is really going on. But this year it seems like we actually got some gameplay going... Continue Reading →

Top Games from E3 2018 #10

Cyberpunk 2077 So yeah, we didn't get to see actual gameplay for Cyberpunk 2077 this year, but the fact that they showed it off and gave a glimpse of what they are going for definitely got me excited. That, and many news outlets got to go watch a 50 minute demo of the game being... Continue Reading →

Incoming E3 Top Games Post

I will be releasing new posts over the next few days detailing my favorite game showings at this years E3 2018. Just as a forward, I misses most of E3. In fact, I only watched Microsoft's and half of Ubisoft, and there is know way I am going back to watch entire press conferences when... Continue Reading →

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