Tired Update // What I’ve Been Playing 4/9/23

Hey everyone! I figured it was a good time to make a new Tired Update, but because I am awful at trying to stick to the numerous plans and ideas I write in these updates, I decided to just stick to what I have been up to in life and in the gaming space!

Diablo IV Beta

Played through some of the Diablo IV Beta a week or so ago. I’m a fan of Diablo, but I’ve only played Diablo III. It was great, I beat that game and did some end-game content with it a few times. I know there’s a lot more to it, like seasons and stuff, but it was never something I was down for. After playing Diablo IV for a little while, I can see myself spending a lot of time with the game in the future. It feels a lot like 3, but with some good changes. Like the menu for gear and stuff feels easier to get around, but I’m not crazy about the skill tree. I don’t feel like I can see everything that I want to see all at once. It just means that you spend more time looking into where you want to put your skill points and the like.

Exploring is the same for sure. I played as the Necromancer since I never played it in Diablo III, but yeah, super fun. I never felt like I was in too much danger, though. Having a constant five zombies running around with you fighting enemies, it seems like it’s the perfect character for a solo player like myself.

I didn’t want to get too deep into the beta, since I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up picking it up. I did not play any other characters, but I wish I did. Especially the Druid. Going to have to give it a go right away when the game launches on June 6th!

Fortnite Chapter 4 MEGA

I wrote a little bit about my experiences with Fortnite MEGA so far in this post here. I really like the new additions to this season. The new cyberpunk city look, the Katana sword, and of course the augments, which I think are the best addition to the game so far. I’ve won a few solo games so far, which I’m sure were populated with some bots. Also played quads with friends and it’s just such a great game to chill and catch up with people. The quests are still cool to give players a goal to work towards. I can’t wait to see the new Attack on Titan skins as well! There was a short reveal trailer the other day. go check it out!

Midnight Suns // On Deck

I wrote about Midnight Suns the other day as well. I’ve been enjoying the game overall, but I’ve been struggling with the main characters. They’re so incredibly annoying more than half the time. It leans so hard into the Marvel humor, that it goes past the Movie schtick and just makes it terrible to deal with. I enjoy the combat a good amount and really feel like there is some great potential there. The writing is what might stop me from continuing to play the game though. I have played the game entirely on the Steam Deck so far, and have had no real issues whatsoever with the standard settings.

New World // Before the Fellowship of Fire

I have recently got back into New World, the Amazon MMO, in the last few months and have really been enjoying my time back. I wrote about my time with it so far and before the newest season changes that just happened a few days ago. I’ve played the new season content so far and will try and write about that soonish, but for now, go check out this previous post!

Sons of the Forest // Quick Experience

The first post of the month of March was about my early experiences while playing Sons of the Forest. I played this game with my brother and had a great time. I, unfortunately, haven’t got back to the game since this one and only playtime, but I’m hoping I can actually get it going on my Steam Deck and see how it plays there. There is a peaceful mode that I have been wanting to give a try as well, so maybe that will be a future post!

Future Games and Posts

I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about what future posts I want to do, but I guess giving an idea of what might be coming up in the future isn’t a bad idea, right? Talking about future games, Dead Island 2 is coming out on April 21st, so real soon. I really enjoyed the first game, and Dying Light is one of my favorite games of all time as well. So looking forward to potentially getting this game on day 1, but I’ll wait to see if there are any major bugs or not before I do it. Also, Sam B. from Dead Island 1 fame, recently took over the Dead Island Twitter account and offered up some insight into the future game, as well as some potential story stuff. Check out that post here!

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is coming literally a week after Dead Island 2 on April 28th. This is my number-one game for 2023. I loved the first game, which I wrote about early impressions a while ago here. Star Wars has always been a joy of mine. I’m not a mega fan like some, but I enjoy the movies and the new High Republic books and stories as well. Really love how the game is shaping up from all the previews I have seen so far. Haven’t watched much of them, but I want to go in with as little info as possible. This will definitely get a future post, though, so be prepared!

I might start branching into some short-form book reviews in the near future. I have a ton of books I want to read and get through, so I think maybe I can articulate some good stuff from that, but we’ll see. I don’t want to waste my time writing about books and sounding like a total idiot.

I think these Tired Updates will be once a month. Short recaps of the previous month’s posts, and just updates for future stuff. Let me know what you think and what games you’re looking forward to in the future!

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