Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 // MEGA Impressions So Far

Hey everyone! Welcome to another update to my thoughts on Fortnite. I recently posted my thoughts on how much I, surprisingly, really like playing Fornite. After writing it off as a baby game for so long, actually playing with friends made me realize it might be one of the most chill multiplayer games I have ever played.

An update moving into this new season, it’s still rad as hell. The newest stuff in this new season really leans into the cyberpunk style. A brand new city has dropped in through some sort of rift, and it has rails you can slide on, big high rises, and just an overall cool aesthetic. I haven’t dropped there as much as I would like, since most people want to get there first, but its a cool area. I kind of wish it was a lit bigger though, to be honest. Just seems like its too small of an area to make that big of an impact on the map as a whole. Speaking of cyberpunk feels, there are also new cars and motorbikes that has street racer vibes which lends itself to that new city. It’s small, but still cool.

Some new weapons are here, too. The katana is an awesome sword that gives 3 charges to slice and dice enemies, or to super dash away in fights. Just like the gravity hammer in the previous season. New reality augments as well. I think these are great additions to the game. I really enjoy getting the sliding to gain medium ammo perk.

I got the season pass again this time around. Actually had enough points carry over to buy it for free. The new season pass skins are cool, and are a definite draw for me, but I’m really looking forward to the Eren Jaeger skin coming later in the season. The Witcher skin is what made me grind the season pass last time, and Erne being from a show (Attack on Titan) that I really like, I’m totally on board to grab him. I wish they threw in some other characters too, but Eren is cool enough.

Right now they just did their big Spring Breakout event patch. A bunch of new quests to unlock some cosmetics. I don’t really like them as much, but I want to see the character skins. In the trailer they show some cool looking characters, and of course what seems like everyone’s instant favorite, a lady in a bunny onesie. I don’t know who this person is, but people are gawking over her, and I’m alright with it.

I’ve been leveling up alright so far. I only play a little bit at a time each day, but I get a few levels each time. I know I’m over level 20 so far. I still have time to grind. Still lots of seasons quests, too. I actually got the Save the World campaign as well to give that a go. I think you can still level up your season pass with it, which would be really cool. I never played it, outside of the super early alpha gameplay years ago at this point.

I’m still really enjoying Fortnite, and this season has added more fun weapons, augments, and quests that I can’t see myself falling off of it any time soon. I wish other BR games, like Apex, would lean into the quests aspects as well. It gives my play sessions more reasons to play outside of just trying to survive.

How are you enjoying this new season? Let me know in the comments!

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