New World // Before the Fellowship & Fire

If you also play New World and want to link up somehow, let me know! I still have character slots and it would be cool to eventually dive into the community more!

Currently writing this, we were 2 days away from the launch of New World’s first season, Fellowship & Fire. Looks like the season 1 patch got delayed to an undetermined time frame, so I decided that I should finally sit down and write a blog post about my time with the game so far. I’ve been playing the game since it launched in September of 2021, but in the last month, I’ve been grinding away in preparation for the brand-new season.

New World was my first foray into the world of MMOs. I dabbled in World of Warcraft ever so slightly, and of course, I have played The Division and Destiny, which I think are considered MMO-lite? New World though, is a full-on MMO that I got sucked into for a good amount of time. I’m currently at level 58 with my first and main character, so close to that level cap of 60. I have over 100 hours played at this point, but I have to imagine there’s a good chunk of that that might be me sitting at the main menu, or idling, hiding in a bush while I got to deal with family stuff. Overall though, New World has been a fun adventure and a really good starting point for me if I ever feel like trying out other MMOs.

I really enjoy doing the most mundane stuff in New World. Like chopping down trees, harvesting random minerals and plants, and of course fishing. It’s enjoyable to auto-run to that next quest area, and then quickly jump off the trail because I see iron ore or one of those pesky elk that I need to take down for another random quest I picked up at some point but genuinely don’t remember when. That’s the thing about quests in this game. I enjoy doing them, but I don’t really know why I’m doing them more than half the time. I hit a point where I just sped through everything in the dialogue just to be able to accept the quest and be on my way. I don’t know if the story beats would matter entirely to me since I’m still enjoying the game, but I might have to find a YouTube video detailing all the story stuff up until this new season. I have an idea of what’s going on, but not knowing doesn’t ruin the fun for me.

Combat is still pretty fun for me. I tried just about all the weapons at the start and ended up going with the Sword and Shield. I liked feeling protected but also able to deal a good amount of damage as well. Almost like a tank. When the greatsword came out I immediately went in that direction. I feel like a total badass using it. Still low-level with it, but I do have a handful of abilities now and It’s great taking out some enemies in a few hits.

Doing a character build is something I have thought about looking into, but I think I will wait till I hit that level 60 cap. I’ve only ever done the PvE stuff and haven’t really had a hard time with much. Outside of some of the elite monster missions, where they are about the same level as I am, I can usually feel confident in my fighting. Or I just skirt around the outside of an area, picking enemies off one by one so I can search some crate to finally finish the quest I had been putting off for a while.

I’ve done one of the expeditions, but I haven’t been able to do any of them since. Unfortunately, I don’t have many friends that play the game, so I really just focus on exploring the world and enjoying the combat and quests that I have. I’m new to the whole clan ideas, so I haven’t jumped into any yet. I made my own and I have one other member, my brother who plays the game every once in a while.

I’m looking forward to the new updates that come with Fellowship & Fire. The weapon and armor skins look pretty rad. I also don’t want to miss out on any of the rewards because it doesn’t sound like you can go back and get any of the items in previous seasons. I hope they decide to go back on this, but I understand why they would do it. People will play so they get the exclusive items. If you can get them anytime, they’re not really exclusive, right?

The main thing I would love to see for New World would be mounts. I infamously hate riding horses in video games, but give me a dope dire wolf, or a rad-looking giant chicken or something. I don’t know, but something to help traverse the world would be extremely helpful. I like running around on foot and not feeling like I’m missing out on anything, but I have also gotten to the point that I would rather fast-travel just about anywhere than run on foot. It does sound like there is a chance that mounts are coming this year, but I will wait till they fully announce it.

If I had to choose a new weapon to be produced in New World, I think a Scrythe would be insanely cool but maybe wouldn’t fit in with the whole aesthetic. Perhaps a flail or whips could be something? I’m not sure. I would like to see some more diverse weapons though! Why isn’t dual-wielding a thing yet? Fuck it, give me a double shield.

Do you play New World at all? Are you excited about the new content? Let me know!

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