Slannxe’s Top Five Games of 2022

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 was arguably the first big game to release in 2022 with a launch date of February 4th. I had been looking forward to the game for a super long time. Years, honestly. I spent an insane amount of time in the first Dying Light, beating it both on the PS4 and the Xbox One. I played through each of the DLC and loved every minute of it. More of this was super welcomed and when the game was finally released, I devoured it. I’m kind of known for playing multiple games at a time and struggling to finish any of them. Dying Light 2 was the only game I played until I completed it. I really enjoyed the story and the parkour was a great improvement from the first game. There are some things I wasn’t crazy about, though. Like locking weapons and abilities behind faction choices. I get it’s a way to get people to play the game multiple times, but it’s a bummer not getting to experience everything the first go through. Especially for a game as big as this one. Overall,. Dying Light 2 is an improvement to the first game. I think enough time has passed at this point that I can go back and play through it again, this time playing as a douchebag.

The Quarry

I’m a pretty big fan of Until Dawn, the first big game by Supermassive. The Quarry just screamed more of the teen horror excellence that Until Dawn had. The thing that made this game experience great was getting to play it with my wife. We played the game in chapters, with me on the controller and her helping make the decisions. It was super fun to get to have her a part of my gaming experience, something we don’t often share outside of board games. We definitely didn’t save everyone in the game, but I think we got more than half maybe? It had some pretty predictable twists and turns. Got wild there with exploding monsters, and overall it was super fun. I think I need to revisit Until Dawn now though, this time with the wife!

New World

New World is a big MMO made by Amazon Studios. It didn’t release in the year 2022, but I spent an awesome amount of time in it this past year. It’s the first MMO game that I put a ton of hours into. Definitely not as many as other players, since I’m still not maxed out or anything, but I really love playing this game. It’s not high-stress. I love running around the world, doing the side quests, chopping down wood, fishing, and gathering random shit I don’t know if I will ever actually use or not. It’s such a chill gaming session, that as I type this out I just want to go back to it and relax for a bit. New World even had a huge overhaul for returning or new players, so I made my return with it and fell in love all over again. If you haven’t given New World a try, and you’re a seasons MMO player, or new to it, I suggest giving it a go. It’s an awesome time!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is another game that really leans on the fact that I played this game with both my daughter and my son. They loved watching me play the game and fell in love with Kirby and his insane abilities. Turning into a fast car or sucking up a vending machine would make them giggle like crazy, and it was awesome. The platforming in Kirby was super fun and I loved every single stage I entered. After beating the game you can unlock an insanely hard mode that has a timer on it and more collectibles and all that. I’ve given it a go, but the difficulty curve was pretty wild. I’m not sure if I will ever get back to try and hit those harder stages, but I can see myself playing through the game a second time!

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is another game that I played a ton of in 2022. It’s such a stark difference from Fortnite. It’s insanely competitive and almost impossible to solo queue. I fall in and out of love when it comes to this game. I have some awesome matches and some dog-shit ones. I’m not even good at the game, and honestly, probably never will be. I can’t spend enough time competing with the sweaty kids that spend all day grinding. That being said, I love the game. I love its characters, lore, abilities, and maps. Its satisfying movement is one of a kind. I haven’t played any of this newest season, sadly, but I’m sure I will make a return to this game once again here soon. Need to have some sort of connection to the Titanfall universe at the very least.

Honorable Mention


Fortnite has been around for a number of years now, but I never really gave it a fair shake. I had some work friends who started playing it and told me I needed to get into it with them as well. I decided to play it with the Zero Build Mode, and yeah, it clicked pretty quickly. I really like playing Fortnite now. It’s such a low-stress multiplayer game that I can go in, die pretty early solo, and be totally fine with it. I can play a match or two and hop off and feel like I got some enjoyment out of a short play session. I have some dope ass skins, my favorite being the recently released Dead Space Isaac Clark skin. I don’t see myself switching off that any time soon. If you’re a nonbeliever in Fortnite, go give Zero Build Mode a go! It’s what got me into it, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too!

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