Friends of the Site // CptnZolof’s Top Five Albums of 2022

Casey aka CptnZolof has been a long-time friend from our days working at GameStop together. He’s a randomly weird dude who loves (?) League of Legends, Lord of the Rings, and somehow finds the most random memes on the internet. Check out his favorite albums he first listened to in 2022!

These are my top albums of 2022. They are in no order because I refuse to choose favorites. Not all these albums are released in 2022 but I don’t care, they are all beautiful and everyone should listen to them.

Guitar Fight From Fooly Cooly – Soak

Released in 2020 by this Tennessee trio, this album is wild from start to finish. With samples from video game classics such as Mario 64 and Kingdom Hearts, this became an instant favorite. The fast and heavy energy accompanied by breaks of melodic guitar riffs is just perfection 10/10.

Ovlov – Buds

Released in 2021, Connecticut rock band Ovlov has some of the most hit home lyrics I have ever felt. Although only 8 tracks long, I could and have listened to this album for hours. Standout track ‘Strokes’ was an instant favorite. Chef’s kiss 10/10.

Turnstile – GLOW ON

Another 2021 release, the punk band from Baltimore has taken a different direction from their norm in the best way possible. This album is all over the place from chunky chords to groovy riffs. There’s a little bit for everyone packed in this bad boy. 10/10.


Released in 2022. Taking a bit of a genre turn here, my love for R&B has to be represented. This album is very intimate and I am here for every word. Mixed in with features of guest appearances from Phoebe Bridgers and the late ODB, SZA tops the charts week after week. 10/10.

Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

Another 2022 release, I can’t talk about R&B and not include Hip Hop. An album full of grit and passion, Kendrick tells it all. His insecurities, his passions, his stories. He can’t miss. Kendrick’s ability to make you feel his own emotions is unrivaled. 10/10.

Honorable Mentions

Every Title Fight album because they are all perfect in every way but I have been listening to them for years so they don’t count.

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