Friends of the Site // Elmira’s Top Five Games of 2022

Elmira is a mutual friend from Twitter! I’ve been following her for quite some time now, and have enjoyed her aesthetic on Instagram and her fun and wholesome takes on Twitter. Check out her top five games of 2022 below!

God of War Ragnarok

I haven’t finished this game yet, so I can’t say much. For now, I think it’s an amazing game. The story sucked me in and didn’t let me leave. On release day I played for 6 hours straight and that has been a while since I played a game for that long in one go.

Cult of the Lamb

When I saw this game I fell in love with the little lamb and wanted it to try out. I’m a sucker for indie games so it had me hooked instantly. It’s a cute and dark game at the same time. Taking care of your followers and slaying monsters at the same time. I have literally two save files. One is sacrificing all my followers all the time and the second is giving a lot of love and care to my followers. I just wanted to try out both ways haha.


I’m a cat person myself so playing as a cat in a game is amazing! Just meowing around, cratching carpets and the best thing is that you can knock over cans. The story was also very good and a bit teary. Sad that there was no photo mode though, that would have been amazing.

Horizon Forbidden West

I think this game was amazing. The world, the music, the robot animals. They stepped up with the skills section in the game which I loved. I also loved exploring parts of the game with the collectibles, just a little puzzle to get the item. It was sometimes annoying though with Aloy not listening. Even though the story was nice, the ending kinda underwhelmed me. I expected more.

Two Point Campus

I have played the Hospital version of this game so I wanted to play this as well. To be honest, I like this game way more. It’s a bit more interesting and has more to do. It’s overall a nice and relaxing game after a long day of adulting.

You can find all of Elmira’s content through her Link Tree here!

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