The Game Awards 2022 // What Interested Me?

The Game Awards happened a few nights ago. I happened to catch a bit from the beginning, but with my life, I had to go to bed since I get up fairly early now. The Game Awards have never really interested me for the awards aspect. I’m never really rooting for any games to win any sort of award, I’m not that invested in it. I like the games I like, and if they win cool, if they don’t, also cool.

All that being said, out of the games in the Game of the Year category, I only played Elden Ring, and Stray, and have yet to beat Ragnarok yet. I figured Elden Ring would win overall, but still cool that these other games were nominated.

MOVING ON! The important stuff that I actually do care about this time of year: is all the new game announcements and trailers! So let’s dig into the ones I am interested in and excited for the most!

Hades 2

I absolutely enjoyed the first Hades game when it was released a few years ago. I got it on the Switch and played the heck out of it. I never did beat it, but I think I put more than enough time into it to justify the purchase, to begin with. Now Super Giant is doing its first-ever sequel with Hades 2. I’m not super surprised this si their next project, with the first one taking home a ton of awards and getting universal praise. This time around the game stars a female protagonist who looks to be the daughter of Chronos. The gameplay seems mostly the same from the trailer, but I do expect there to be some solid changes since Super Giant will once again venture into Early Access with this title later this year to gain insight and feedback during development.


From the creator of Bioshock, Ken Lavine, and his newest game studio Ghost Story comes Judas. A game that looks incredibly similar to, well, Bioshock. Which isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually pretty great since I like the Bioshock franchise. A new single-player story-driven FPS game with hand augments, guns, and wild-looking characters seems right up my street. Seems like its all about escaping a starship that’s about to explode or something, and working with enemies on said ship. I guess if you can’t go underwater and into the clouds, the next step is space, right? No date as of yet, so don’t get too excited.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Oh, man. This game is on the top of my excitement list for sure. I loved the first game. It’s actually what got me on a pretty hardcore Star Wars kick. Reading old Star Wars novels, and the new High Republic stuff. Incredible stuff, really. So now we get to continue Kal’s story! He’s older, stronger, and looks excellent with that new beard. The Empire has also grown stronger, and it looks like Kal is really fighting back. New abilities, new weapons, and the world looks more open this time around, which I am totally down to explore. Plus, we got a release date of March 17th, 2023. Seems incredibly close to me for some reason. Might need to go back and replay the first game again! Got more achievements to unlock.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Fuck, what a surprise this game was. Who knows if it’ll actually be good in the end, but that cinematic got to me, and the last bit of gameplay that was shown gives me Witcher vibes. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one. Has an end-of-2023 date for it, so I’m expecting 2024 more than likely. Comes from developer Don’t Nod, famous for the Life is Strange and the lesser-known Vampyr game. I think they’ve had enough time developing that I have some high hopes for this one. Don’t let me down!


Seems like we’ve been waiting on this game for a while, but the wait might be coming to an end. Showing off a brand new trailer depicting an alternate reality set in the 80s, Replaced is a side-scrolling action game with an AI stuck inside a human’s body. It was first shown off 2 years ago at the 2021 Game Awards, and it looked rad as hell. It still looks great, and I’m excited to hopefully get to play it soon!

Honorable Mentions

The games below are games I am looking forward to, but I either need to see more of them or am still kind of skeptical about them. They might not be day-one purchases as of right now, unlike the ones above.

Final Fantasy 16

Still, a game that looks excellent, and I’m pretty much sold on it, for the most part, but I think I say that about every Final Fantasy game, and then I either don’t buy it (15) or I buy it and end up not feeling anything for it at all (7 Remake). So this game will still be a wait-and-see for me overall, but still have high hopes for it!

Death Stranding 2

Apparently, Death Stranding did well enough for it to get a sequel, which I say bravo! I like Death Stranding at the start, I really did. Even if I never really got to the combat sections of the game, it was fun and interesting. I eventually got tired of it though, with it being a pretty slow go of it overall. This announcement makes me think maybe I need to go back and play through the first one, but I probably won’t. It looks pretty interesting though!

Diablo 4

Diablo games are Diablo games. Like, I get the game is more or less going to play like 3, but I still feel like I need to see more of this game before I jump on the bandwagon. Plus, the cinematics done by Blizzard is always cool, but man was this one boring.

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2

Never played the first game, I think it was PS3 and 360 eras. Never been a Warhammer fan at all, but the recent influx of games with the name is making me intrigued about it. For some reason, I’m looking more interested in the futuristic side of things with 40K, rather than the fantasy stuff. Normally the other way around for me. The gameplay trailer looks cool, might be something I look more into later!

Crime Boss: Rockay City

What a weird game. It looks like it might be a GTA-like open-world game, sure sounds like it anyways. A huge, well-known cast of actors like Danny Trejo, Donald Glover, and even Vanilla Ice. I’m interested to see more on this, but need to see gameplay!

This was basically it for the things I was interested in for this year’s Game Awards. There are a few others I will probably keep my eyes on, but will probably forget about until the next Game Awards when they show up again with a new trailer or something.

What was your favorite thing about this year’s awards? Game announcements, ports of games to PC, new DLC? Were you invested in the awards themselves at all? Let me know in the comments!

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