Damn, I Really Like Fortnite

A little while ago I had some co-workers/friends talking about playing Fortnite together and having a ton of fun. They asked if I wanted to play several times, but I shrugged it off. Fortnite has that stigma of a little kids’ game at this point, and I really had no desire to try and learn how to build stuff. Now enters the No Build Mode.

The building was always the biggest hurdle for me. I played Fortnite way back in the closed beta when it was just the Survive the World game mode. I was genuinely excited about it, but it seemed like after they dropped the secondary Battle Royale mode and it did so well, Survive the World took a back seat and eventually was thrown out of the car altogether.

Finally, Fortnite listened to a lot of players and got rid of the building portion of the BR Mode and it is significantly more fun. I started playing on the tail end of Chapter 3 and was pretty happy with the full reset of Chapter 4 that just came out a week or so ago. It gave me more of a fresh start and not just dropping into a map that has already had so many changes to it. Like, what was up with all that silver goop stuff? Who cares, it’s gone now!

The added auto parkour stuff is nice when you’re sprinting around over fences or climbing onto rocks. I really like the addition of Augments. They are perks you can get the further you survive in the game. Some are getting a flaming bow, being able to see where the future storm ring will be, and even adding damage to your weapons. It’s random for each match and you can get a total of 4 of them.

I like the map as well. It’s nothing too crazy, but I suspect that is how it’s been from previous resets. There’s an emphasis on knights this time around it seems. There is a boss battle guy on the map that is a part of the story quests that looks like a big buff knight. I know nothing about the story currently, but I did do all of those quests already at this point. There is a good variety of farms, castles, snow, and water around the map. It works pretty well together in my opinion.

There are also new weapons. The only two I know for sure are new are the giant purple hammer that blows people away when hit and can bounce the user pretty far as well. There is also a rifle that shoots out exploding purple awards, which is cool, but can be tough to use at times. For me, anyways.

I just got my first solo BR win last night. I know there are probably bots in my lobby still. Maybe, I don’t know how that works exactly. The final fight with the other player was absolutely a player though. That fight was tough and I almost lost, but I held on!

Comparing Fornite with a game I really enjoy playing, Apex Legends, feels silly. They’re such wildly different games, even if they are both in the Battle Royale genre. Apex Legends is so much more intense and team-orientated. Synchronizing Legend abilities and really knowing the map is so important for rotation. It feels like the real ESports game. Whereas Fortnite is so much more laid back. I don’t stress about dying early when playing solo, which playing solo is such a huge perk for me in the game. And no offense to anyone, and maybe it’s just because I haven’t played long enough to get into higher-tier lobbies, but the gunplay feels way easier. I hit shots way more on Fortnite than I do in Apex. I’m also not great at Apex, so I don’t know.

Fortnite has a Witcher collab coming up this season, as well as a My Hero Academia collab coming on December 16th. I’m actually kind of excited to see the new skins and abilities the game introduces. I like both properties, and it would be cool to not have just this season’s battle pass skins in my closet!

How do you guys feel about Fornite? Do you play it, have you played it, do you care? Let me know in the comments below!

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