Happy Thanksgiving! // Tired Update 11/24/22

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’m sure some of you (maybe) are wondering “I thought TTO shut down? Why is there a new post here?” Well, a lot has happened since July of this year, and I made the decision to continue The Tired Obsidian!

My life has been pretty hectic the last two years. I rose in the ranks at my job pretty quickly, which is great, but also came with a ton of stress and not being able to have as much free time to juggle family, gaming, and my new found desire to get jacked at the gym lol. So I ended up deciding to stop stressing over gaming and to focus on work/family/gym stuff as much as possible.

Well, long story short, I decided to move to a new company, dropping down in ranks but also getting a bigger pay raise. So, significantly less stress not having to babysit adults all day, everyday, and not constantly worrying about day to day stuff, including my days off.

So I’m bringing the blog back! I know I’ll have more time to play games and being able to write my impressions of stuff. I also have some ideas on some random posts, and I might throw in more personal gym stuff maybe? I’ll give it a try and see if maybe it sticks, I don’t know. But gaming content will resume here!

As for the podcast, probably never again. Podcasting takes even more time and commitment I really don’t think I will ever be able to do again. I love doing it, but I just don’t wanna add to that stress. But if you’re reading this and you have your own podcast and like my stuff, I’m always down to be a guest!

So, what’s coming up for TTO right now? Tomorrow I would like to have a post up on my current 8-hour impressions for God of War Ragnarok. I also want to do my first-ever impressions of Fortnite, since it’s a game I’ve only played once when it first came out and that’s it.

I still have backlog 360 games I would like to start rolling through soon too. I also think a Game of the Year award thing might be in the cards. I don’t know how many new games I actually played this year, so we will have to see.

So in short, The Tired Obsidian will resume posting as of today! New posts should be relatively consistent. I want minimum 3 posts a week, which I think it very doable.

Thanks for reading this everyone! Hopefully, I can get this blog back to just being a fun blog where I can just enjoy having conversations with fellow bloggers and gamers!

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