Apex Legends: Crypto’s Heirloom Leaked?

Looks like Crypto is finally getting some love in Apex with his own Heirloom. An Heirloom in Apex is basically a melee weapon the legend uses specific to them. Caustic has a hammer, Revenant a scythe, Pathfinder some boxing gloves. They’re all pretty cool especially if your main happens to get one.

Cryptos looks like it is a two-handed katana sword. Retractable and all that. The video is super grainy and genuinely looks terrible, but it’s not hard to see what it’s going to look like.

Crypto hasn’t seen much love from the Apex team, seeing how his pick rate is abysmal and his kit is just downright useless in most cases. He was one of my personal favorites when he first came out, but it’s so hard to justify using him, even if it is just for fun.

Here’s hoping that Crypto gets that rework that we have been promised for a while now!

Check out the discussion here on Reddit!

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