Tired Update: 9/20/21 I’ve been gone for a bit…

I think it’s been about five months since I did my last blog post. There are a lot of reason as to why I disappeared from the blog. There are not a whole lot of people to visit this site, but even still I would like to give a little back story on all this, even if it is mostly for myself.

The biggest reason being I haven’t had a lot of time to play games. My real life job gets incredibly hectic in the summer time, and this summer was probably the hardest I have ever had to work. So my gaming dropped pretty dramatically. I think I spent most of my time playing Apex Legends or just reading books. Outside of spending time with family of course.

Another big contributor was that I made a foolish mistake. I have been writing some small reviews for a site called Game Critics for a couple months. Somehow, I ended up thinking I could take on a huge game review. This game literally drained me of any sort of desire to play games or write at all. Playing this single game for hours, and hours, and thinking I could write a review for it, along side two other games, in a timely manner really fucked with me. I am not a professional reviewer, journalist, whatever. I just have this blog that I occasionally find time to write posts on. There was absolutely no reason for me to try to take on a big game to review.

This was obviously my own fault, but by doing this, I kind of hated writing and video games for a while. My desire to do any of it just went out the window entirely. I have definitely taken a step back from doing reviews, and now I’m just trying to catch up on my back log games.

The blog still won’t be updated daily like i aspire to do at some point, for some stupid reason. But it is video game season right now, and I have a ton of games to play and have fun with.

Coming up this week, a Final Thoughts post on AC Valhalla’s Wrath of the Druids Expansion. I might also type up something for Apex Legends, but who knows what form that will actually take. I’m also working on the final expansion for The Outer Worlds. Probably have that written next week. I started up Psychonauts, wanting to play the game for the first time before I played the sequel. Might have a few other things to touch on, but currently those are the only things in the works. Kind of. Might have something else also, but who knows.

Thanks for reading through this post. Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Hopefully I can start making more of a comeback for myself, and get back into some sort of groove, instead of this rut.

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