Tired Update: 5 Years Ago, I created The Tired Obsidian

Five years ago today me and my friend Tyson created the very first iteration of The Tired Obsidian Podcast. Those first 20 or so episodes are now lost to time at this point, but it’s been wild to see how long this project has been going. I eventually want to actually get the podcast going again soon. I loved doing it.

It’s been almost a year since my last episode. Covid made meeting up with my cohosts impossible, and with their lack of willingness to do it over skype or zencastr (anything really), the podcast was on an indefinite hiatus. This, coupled with the fact that I was actually doing really well in my real life job, two separate promotions at this point, made it hard to focus on the podcast.

My goal with the podcast, and this blog, was just to reach out to the gaming community. To talk with other bloggers, podcasters, make friends, and just have fun conversations. It’s never been about making it into the industry. I still don’t want to. The industry feels so dark. There’s always discourse with shitty gamers. I know this is just the world we live in, but I don’t want a job having to deal with that.

Eventually, I will be able to figure out the balance of work, life, and gaming content. It probably won’t be any time soon honestly, but I’ll be trying my best to do so. I know my content isn’t popular, but I enjoy the people who do reach out, who do read my stuff and who enjoy the little bit of stuff I can make.

Cheers, everyone! Hopefully I can get back on the content train soon and actually make some interesting stuff.

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