Dying Light The Following First Impressions

Last week I wrote up a short post about how Dying Light is still a really great game that I have been playing off and on for the last five years. After beating the game for the second time on a new console, I finally got to start playing The Following DLC. This DLC was touted as a giant expansion, almost sequel worthy. I was absolutely ready to jump into it and experience more zombie killing, parkour running fun.

The Following starts out with Crane rescuing someone who is spouting on about a way to get out of Harran and about a cult out in the countryside where they’re immune to the hordes of zombies out there. Of course we have to explore this and see if it’s real.

After exploring a cave system we found a way out on Harran. The first thing we do is find a farm settlement, but these guys don’t care for strangers and just won’t listen to Crane at all. We have to prove ourselves a friend of the people by doing side missions. Now worries, I like this stuff.

The side missions are still fun to play. They still have a “go here and explore this bit, someone’s is probably dead, but let me know” vibe to them. I did do a side mission where I went to find a kids present his mom sent to him right before the zombie pandemic came about. It was a cool sort of fetch quest, and also getting other people in the settlements their mail was a weird kind of rewarding.

Exploring the countryside if completely different from the Slums or the City of Harran. Everything is just wide open, fields filled with the walking dead. How do we safely explore this giant new map? By buggy of course! Yes, vehicles were added in this DLC and it makes all the difference in gameplay.

First off, driving is a bit of a pain. It’s cool at first, but when you’re chasing down a Bolter to run it over and steal it’s liver, it’s an utter pain. Alright, so it might just be the Bolter thing that annoyed me the most. Seriously though, the buggy was cool. You can upgrade the parts and add mods. You do have to refuel and repair part, but I have had zero issues with finding gas or screws.

In terms of the mainline story missions, I have gotten through a few of them. I have met the Mother, the leader of this zombie immune cult. The strange thing? They are kind of immune. It’s weird. They had some smoke or incense they burn that wards the zombies off. It’s also kind of a psychedelic or something. Not overly surprising with this sort of stuff though.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten at this point in the DLC. It’s actually been quite a bit of time though doing a lot of side quests. The map is huge and the content is still a ton of fun. I know I’m currently benefitting though since there is a community event going on for hyper mode. Hyper mode makes all your kicking ridiculously powerful, so getting surrounded hasn’t been an issue for me. It might be when the event ends though, I’ll let you know.

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