Will We See Jack Cooper in Apex Legends?

Recently the lead writer for Apex Legends kind of teased the inclusion of Jack Cooper, the protagonist from Titanfall 2. As someone who was a huge fan of the Titanfall 2 campaign I would love to see Jack Cooper make some sort of come back. Especially since we probably won’t be seeing a Titanfall 3 anytime soon.

Manny Hagopian, a lead writer for Apex, teased Cooper’s return in saying “It’s crazy to think you haven’t already got him… Plotter twist!” And to even further the mystery, a fellow Respawn writer retweeted Hagopian’s response with a wide eyed emoji.

It’s interesting to see if we may have already seen Cooper in the game at some point. Do I actually think this, no not really. Will we eventually see him though? Yeah, I do believe that. I don’t think he’s someone we will see as a playable character though. I think most of the legends already have all the abilities that Cooper had in the original campaign, other than a jetpack and wall running. I can see him being someone who is apart of the story quest stuff in the future though. It would be weird to have a game set in the Titanfall universe not reference Cooper at all. Then again, the world is pretty big since it’s set in a pretty big universe.

In other news, Season 6 is well underway in Apex Legends, with the new Legend being Rampart this season.

Would you guys like to see Jack Cooper in Apex Legends soon? Would you want him to be playable, or just a supplemental character to flesh out the ever evolving story within the Apex universe? Let me know below!

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