The Tired Update 9/27/2020

Hey everyone, hopefully everyone has had a great weekend catching up on your backlog, playing new games, or just relaxing. This weekend was pretty solid for me and I kind of want to just give an update/recap for everyone reading.

The Tired Obsidian blog has had a lot of ups and downs. This year has been kind of a roller coaster in terms on content as well. The podcast went into a deep hiatus after my state was hit with the Covid lock down. Brandon, Mary Beth, and I would record in person since I had the total set up. So when we were no longer able to hang out together for a while, the podcast just.. stopped. This affected my blog content as well.

The written content for the blog has always been very scattered. I would have great weeks, and then fall off on updating for more weeks on end. Not being consistent has always been my biggest downfall with this stuff.

Recently I prepping to bring back the podcast, I even created a brand new logo for what I was deeming Season 3 and almost like a rebirth (again) for The Tired Obsidian as a whole. Once again though, we hit a pretty big snag with being able to record. I really miss podcasting, but until I can get Brandon and Mary Beth back on board, or find replacements if that ends up being the case, the podcast will stay dormant.

Knowingly putting the podcast onto the back burner for a while made me realize I can actually continue making content for the blog. The blog always felt more supplemental to the podcast, but instead I have decided to flip that around, and make the future podcast supplemental to the site. It makes more sense that way.

I am utilizing the ability to schedule posts. I would do this in the past but I would never have content lined up for more than a day or two, so after the last scheduled post was up, I would be behind again. Now I have a lot of content in the pipeline as I type this out. I have a weeks works up posts going up, along with whatever else I end up writing for the day. I intend to keep this up for as long as I possibly can, just to give myself more of a breather during the week.

Hopefully this renewed energy will stick around. I know there might be days were I just can’t put up a post or something, but I really do want to get more involved in the blogging space. There are so many awesome bloggers I follow through WordPress that I would love to get to know better.

If you have made it this far down the wall of text above, thank you! I would like to show you guys what I have scheduled for the next couple days as well as what just recently went up over the weekend!

Saturday The Order 1886 Deserves a Sequel
This is a repost from my old gaming website Slannxe Gaming. The sentiment is still there, even if the Game of Thrones references are a bit out dated.

Sunday Dying Light is Still Very Good
Replaying through Dying Light, one of my favorite games of this generation, has been an absolute blast and I strongly recommend playing it if you haven’t yet.


Monday Control Foundation Final Thoughts

Tuesday Hades First Impressions

Wednesday Control AWE Final Thoughts

Thursday Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning First Impressions

Friday Opinion Post

You’ll probably see more post on each of these days, but these guys are already scheduled and ready to go. Thanks again for checking out the blog, and don’t be afraid to comment on a post you like!

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    1. This is my real attempt at trying to keep up with it. I have more than enough content to write about, I just gotta do it. And finding time this weekend was a big deal for me to get it going. I would like to have a scheduled post every day, but there’s no guarantee on that lol.


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