Dying Light is Still Very Good

When Dying Light was released back in January of 2015, it was instantly one of my favorite games. Throughout that year no other game really passed up the amount of fun I had with it and it became my GOTY of 2015.

If you don’t know what Dying Light is, it is a game all about free running, parkour, and zombies. The game was developed by Techland, the same developer from the alright game Dead Island. Dying Light has all the great things that Dead Island had, and just made it ten times better with the movement system. The zombies and crafting random ass weapons is just a few things that carried over from Dead Island incredibly well.

After the game first came out five years ago, I played it with a friend all the way through and we beat the game together on the PS4. I absolutely loved playing it, but never did everything the game had to offer. Over the years, Techland would continue to update the game, adding free updates, as well as paid DLC. The most recent DLC that came out is called Hellraid.

Hellraid is some mysterious arcade game cabinet that shows up in Brecken’s Tower. I don’t know if its like, you the player just playing the arcade game, or if some sort of magical thing transports you to the game, it really doesn’t matter. I don’t think any of it is canon anyways. Inside this DLC is just a roguelike mode. Skeletons replace the zombies, and you just try to make it as far as you possibly can. At the end of a run, you can purchase the weapons you came across in the game and bring them over into the actual game. It’s pretty neat.

Every time Techland released a new update for Dying Light, I would jump back into the game and just be obsessed with playing it for a while. I ultimately ended up double dipping and buying the definitive edition of Dying Light on the Xbox One, along with the giant Following DLC that I actually never played. So for the past two months or so I have been deep into playing Dying Light again, and it’s still so good. The other night I finally beat the game again, totally forgetting how bad that final fight with Rais actually was. I also hated fighting living enemies in this game anyways, so I guess button prompts is also fine.

Last night was the first time I started playing The Following DLC. It opens up with a short intro scene, with a random delirious guy who was rescued by Crane, or some friendly runners. Something like that. Anyways, the guy has a map showing a way out of Harran, which was thought impossible before. So Crane’s mission is to find the way out, and find this mysterious cult of people that don’t get turned by the zombies, even after getting bit.

The Following DLC really changes a lot for Dying Light. No more are there tall buildings, city streets, and numerous clumped together houses. No, everything here is wide open spaces. The fields are filled with zombies just standing around. From what I can see, the grappling hook isn’t going to help me out as much as it did in the city.

I’ve only done the very intro bit to The Following so far, so I plan to detail my time with it here in the future with another blog post on the game, but if You never gave Dying Light a shot, it has so much content stuffed inside it that even at full price $60 it is well worth it. The story isn’t revolutionary, but the game is just so damn fun that it makes everything great, and also because Techland is updated this game with community events every single month it seems. Absolutely give it a shot!

As for the sequel, Dying Light 2, it seems we might be waiting a while for it. It was delayed indefinitely at the start of this year, and has had a rough time with rumors of the lead writer being a piece of shit. It has been confirmed that the game is still in development and is on track with its revised schedule from the start of the year, so expect the game sometime in 2021.

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