Resident Evil Resistance BETA Impressions

Resident Evil has always been one of those franchises that I have been absolutely interested in, but never really played. I remember way back in the day renting Resident Evil 2 from Block Buster and honestly had no clue what it even was. I just remember having a horrible time at the very beginning and never really playing it. Years later we got Resident Evil 2 Remake, and I think it was the perfect time to jump into the franchise. After playing in for a while, I had to put the game down. Not because it was bad, it was amazing graphically and the game play was right up my alley. It was the stress that the game put on me that I really couldn’t get past. That game is fucking terrifying and I really couldn’t get past that unfortunantly.

Now we have Resident Evil 3 Remake on its way. Literally less than a week as I write this post. I already know I won’t be getting the game. As much as I think Capcom is actually doing some amazing stuff right now with the Resident Evil franchise, my poor baby mind can”t handle the stress. So here I am, writing about playing the Resident Evil Resistance BETA that came out this weekend! And I’ll be honest, a million times more stressful than the single player game.

Resistance is a multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil Universe. Apparently the Umbrella Corporation is coming up with some testing grounds for some random characters. Not entirely sure why, I’m sure there is some reason in there though. Anyways, these four characters are making their way through a facility while someone called the Mastermind controls cameras and sends out zombies and Lickers and dogs after the survivors. It’s a really weird concept and genuinely doesn’t seem like it would fit in with the canon of the franchise, which I’m sure it doesn’t but whatever. It’s just a game.

These characters are a jock, a nerdy girl, a punk girl, and a black guy? They really don’t go into the characters backstories or anything like that within the game so I really don’t know anything about them. It would be nice to kind of see something along those lines, character stories and info. It’s definitely still possible, but within the game it doesn’t seem like that”s something that they’re shooting for. For a game that has some super deep lore, this game has none.

The game starts off with two tutorials to do. I chose the Mastermind first. There’s a lot of stuff that you have to do as the Mastermind. Camera controlling, map movement, placing down your zombie troops, and managing your.. elixir? I don’t know what they call it in the game, but just think of Clash Royale. You can’t use your cards until your have enough points to place certain enemy types.

The Survivor tutorial just shows that each survivor as an ability like pinging things like keys and puzzle pieces, healing abilities and having stronger melee hits. The game plays a lot like RE2 Remake. Third person, inventory management and shooting feels the same. It’s all pretty solid.

After the turotials I decided to jump into multiplayer. It almost seemed like everyone either forgot that this was the weekend for the BETA, no one bothered to play, or they already played it and deleted it off their system entirely. The wait time for the first match as a Mastermind took over five minutes to find enough players to start the match.

It took me a little while to really get any sort of idea on how I should be placing things, but after a bit I was able to start taking survivors down. Unfortunately the survivors have unlimited respawns. The only way to really win as the Mastermind is to have the timer run out without anyone escaping the facility. Every time you kill a survivor or hurt them you lower their time. If the survivors make it to each area they can more time to get out. So it’s really just trying to kill them or slow them down as much as possible.

I wasn’t able to stop the survivors from escaping, but I did get a letter grade of B at the end of the match. The entire time I thought I was fucking up so I guess I’ll take the B

Starting up a new match as a survivor was obnoxious. The first match took a while to find people, and after picking my character and the match loading, the screen was black and I wasn’t able to do anything. I could tell I was in the game though, because I did use my attacks and I could hear my character moving. The second attempt at the game actually loaded properly and I was able to play. Being a survivor can be a lot of fun, but I felt like I was just running around not entirely sure what each objective was. I knew I needed to find things to move on to the next area with my fellow survivors, but finding them was the difficult part I guess. We were able to make it to the final area but the time expired so we all.. died I guess? I think the survivors are infected from the start and that is what the timer is meant for. Which doesn’t make sense why the timer would automatically go up just because we made it to a new area, but again, it’s just a game.

Ultimately I thought Resistance was fine. It’s not a selling point for Resident Evil 3 Remake at all though. I think it’s good that Capcom is shooting for something new with the franchise, but I really don’t think this was something it really needed at all. Not to say people won’t enjoy, but we all remember Umbrella Corps. The game could change drastically by the time it actually comes out.. I mean. Maybe. Probably not. Good luck Capcom!

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