Horizon: Zero Dawn Mini Review – Slannxe Gaming

This is an old post originally from my old website Slannxe Gaming. It was first posted August 23, 2017.

After almost 6 months after Horizon: Zero Dawn was officially released, I have finally finished it. I got this game day one, and was barely able to put time into it. The main reason for this was because I had a new born baby, less than a month old, and I just didn’t have time to do any of it. In hind sight I really shouldn’t of gotten the game in the first place, but back then I felt like i really needed to be in the zeitgeist. I needed to be apart of the conversation for this game, and unfortunately it wasn’t something I could do.

About a month ago or so I decided it was finally time to dive back into the game, and so I did just that. I started doing what I would normally do with an open world game like this. Go after all the side quests, collectibles, anything that was in the path of the main quest. Eventually I realized that if I wanted to beat this game at all, I was going to have to skip all of that.

I really wanted to do more of a proper review for this game, but since I didn’t necessarily explore the game as a whole, I don’t think I should be allowed to. Yes, I beat the main story and picked up as many collectibles as I could, as long as they were in my path, but I didn’t do nearly enough in the world of this game to feel like I could review it in its entirety.

So we will just do this. A simple blog post, reviewing what I have done, and giving my impressions of the game.

You play as Aloy, an outcasts woman who, under a bunch of bad events, finds out that she is a pretty important person in the world and she might be the only person to stop The Eclipse, a seriously bad cult, that is turning the machines against people and raising monstrous machines back from the dead. I really don’t want to go much more into the story in case I spoil it for any body, but it really is intriguing.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a great game. The combat is very fun, the future apocalypse setting is really cool to explore, but the story is what really kept me wanting to keep playing. I needed to know what was going on. I needed to know how this world came to be. The pace is great for the story. It doesn’t give you too much information all at once, but every mission seems to give you just a little bit more to go on so you can start piecing things together.

I really liked the different types of machines they had in the game. They’re were all pretty diverse and had their own strengths and weaknesses. I found myself many times having to look in my journal to see what I should be hitting on their bodies and what type of weapon would work best for them. It always felt like I actually needed to be smart about my encounters instead of rushing in and just attacking.

I actually still have the game downloaded to my console right now. I started a new game plus for some reason, even though I don’t have time to actually go through it a second time. But when the new DLC comes out I might jump back in to explore the new area. I don’t think there is much more story added to it, but if there is I definitely want to be on board for it.

This is Slannxe from the future. Horizon: Zero Dawn was still a solid game, but looking back on it, it was completely forgettable for me. The story was still intriguing, but was pretty predictable. I don’t remember any interesting character other than Aloy. It’s a solid PlayStation exclusive, but I know I won’t bother ever playing it again. That goes for the DLC they released. It was just an icy area with some new robots. Boring.

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