Apex Legends Season 3 is the Best the Game as Ever Been

Ever since Apex Legends was released it has been a really solid, put together game that was always just fun. The movement was straight out of Titanfall 2, the guns felt great, and the characters felt standard but all diverse in their own special way. Now Season 3 is here and it is better than ever.

Season 3 has given us a bunch of new stuff including a new map, new character, and a new weapon. The Charge Rifle is another weapon right out of Titanfall. It’s pretty powerful, but there is a slight charge up time and everyone knows exactly where you’re shooting from so thats not ideal. End game though it’s fantastic.

The new character Crypto is easily the coolest dude in the game. I actually plan on doing a completely separate post on him all on his own because of how great he really is. He has a drone he can throw out and do some recon on enemies. He can highlight people and keep the drone up and positioned and go in and out of viewing the camera. His ultimate is an EMP bomb that goes through the drone itself so he can knock out enemy shields and equipment for a duration. I love playing as him. I feel pretty useful for my team, even if I’m not shooting an enemies constantly. The best part is that I actually won a game with Crypto in my second game with him.

Finally, the new map is pretty cool. The theme is fire and ice it seems, so the map has a few areas that show this off. One spot is basically just a lava area, where another notable spot in the epicenter of some sort of giant ice explosion. Ice covers a decent spot, including some bits of a cool city spot. There is a lot more verticality in this new map I think, which is pretty cool. Crypto’s drone really feels like it was map for this map.

I’ve been playing more Apex than I ever had before. I always dabbled in it with friends when we got the chance to, but now I’m queuing on my own and playing lots of rounds. I even bought the battle pass this season. I’m still not great at the game, but even when I lose I’m still having a great time.

How’s season 3 of Apex Legends treating you so far? Let me know in the comments!

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