Apex Legends Halloween Event Impressions

Apex Legends season 3 is in full swing and I’m just now getting around to writing about it. Season 3 has been great so far, and they made it even better by kicking off their first Halloween Event.

The event is called Fight or Fright and it brings a bunch of new character skins, new quips, and new weapon skins as well. The skins are pretty cool, but Caustic and Crypto are my favorite characters so I’m shooting to get those two new skins. Caustic is a fittingly a creepy clown and Crypto is a vampire.

The best part is they have a new mode. It’s called Shadowfall and it’s a new solo mode. 35 players go into an altered, nightmarish Kings Canyon. It all goes normal, loot and kill other players. Here’s the thing: killing other players doesn’t eliminate them from the game. They come back as zombies; no skills or weapons, but incredibly fast and immensely strong.

These new players called Shadows will hunt down surviving players. Once the numbers dwindle down to ten alive players, it’s a mad rush to work with those last few players and escape through a drop ship. The drop ship evacuation is the exact same as at the end of a Titanfall multiplayer game as well which is a super nice call back.

Shadowfall is pretty difficult. I’ve only escaped as a survivor once out of close to 20 matches so far. Luckily there are challenges there they will help you progress if you’re a Shadow or a Legend.

I kno w every time I die from a Legend before the 10 player mark I always go after them as a Shadow. The map shows your death location so it’s easily ti drop back in on them and try to take them out as a zombie.

The only bad thing about the Fight or Fright event is that Respawn still has stupidly high prices on their stuff. Why the hell is everything so pricey? I get it’s a free to play game, but yikes. This happened with Wraths event, too. It’s just crazy. The grind is real.

How have you been enjoying the new Fight or Fright game mode? Let me know!

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