Apex Legend’s Crypto is Respawn’s Most Unique Character

Apex Legends has seen 3 new hero characters since it’s official launch earlier this year. Season 1 brought us Octane, a fast moving speed junky. Season 2 revealed Wattson, a master of electric fences and part creator of the original arena. Now Season 3 has given us, in my opinion the most unique character the game has to offer, Cypto.

Crypto’s true name is Park Tae Joon. He is a notorious hacker in a city that was first introduced in the original Titanfall game Angel City. Him and his sister Mila figured out a way to hack the betting system for the Apex Games, but when they got caught someone abducted Mila and put all eyes on Joon.

Crypto is actually the one who destroyed the Repulser Tower in the first map King’s Canyon at the start of season 2. He used a giant EMP and this is how the wildlife was introduced into the map.

It’s pretty cool how they’re weaving an actual narrative into the game. The game could easily just do the whole Battle Royale thing and still be fun, but having these character backstories and this story that has spanned two seasons now is just beyond intriguing.

Crypto had the most unique abilities in the game so far. He has a drone he can throw out and do reconnaissance. He can position it perfectly and leave it up and still be able to see the tagging on enemies. You can also control the drone and fly it surprisingly far away, planning a route for you and your team.

Crypto’s ultimate is an EMP bomb. This bomb comes right out of the drone, so you can fly right into a fire fight and destroy all of the enemies equipment and shields, making it easier for you and your team to swoop in and take everyone out.

I’m not saying all the other characters in Apex are bland or boring. The original group just feels like a pretty standard launch group for the most part. As for the post launch characters, Octane just runs pretty fast, which is useful at certain times, and Wattson who only seems useful as an end game character with her electrical fences. Crypto can cover the area you are in consistently through a match and can reveal where those last enemies are at in the end game bit.

He’s also super rad looking and has a super bad ass skin that makes him look like a cyberpunk yakuza guy.

How have you guys been finding Crypto so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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