Thoughts on Control’s Ending – Spoilers

After weeks of slowly dragging out my time with Control I have finally beaten it. It was a wild ride, all the ups and downs. I definitely had some issues with the game, like the terrible check point system, but ultimately I think Control is my favorite game this year.

I really want to talk about the ending on Control, so obviously spoilers will follow. I really would not recommend reading further if you have not completed the main story as of right now. So if you have, continue on!

Control’s ending essentially does not have a big grand final boss. After shutting down the slide projector that was the portal for the Hiss to come in, you take on a handful of waves of enemies making your way through the astral plane to prevent your brother Dylan from destroying the inverted pyramid and the Board.

After this it seems like there is a time jump. A small one, but Dylan is now in a coma, possibly brain dead, but because of future DLC I expect him to wake up. Jesse is now much more Director looking sporting a blue suit and an inverted pyramid hair piece. She looks snazzy.

The Hiss are still inside The Oldest House. The portal is gone, but a bunch remain. This is Remedy’s way of letting playing continue to explore the world of Control without having to reload older saves or whatever. I like when games do this, and for now I’ll take it. I still have achievements to unlock.

The story definitely feels unfinished though. That is the worst part of all of this. The Hiss are still around. There really was no final sort of act at all. You probably rescued Dylan, but we really don’t know. I know there is DLC being released that will continue this story, but not having a final resolution in the base game is a bit of a let down. I suppose it really was the only way to let players continue playing, but it does feel a little unsatisfying.

I will absolutely be picking up the DLC for Control. The game was amazing. I love Remedy and the weird horror action adventure game they made. I think what really has me going is that future Alan Wake DLC they have coming. I know it’s all assumed and I really shouldn’t get my hopes up on it, but I can’t help it. Alan Wake is easily one of my all time favorite games.

I want to congratulate the team at Remedy who made Control. Aside from a few minor things, this game was a real treat this year. I really look forward to more content for the game and your next big title.

How did you guys feel about Control’s ending? Let me know in the comments below!

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