The Tired Update 10/17/19

The Tired Obsidian will be going through some changes on the site this weekend. I had to go through and delete basically every GIF I used for the blog because it was bogging down the site to the point where it would no longer load.

Definitely didn’t realize how heavy GIFS were for sites. So having to delete all those and then go back through to add in at least a featured image for quite a few posts will be a project for me for the next few days.

This will also give me an excuse to possibly change up the layout of the blog as well, since I think my current theme might not be supported anymore.

That being said, new posts are coming!

Control Ending Opinions

Apex Season 3 Impressions

Frostpunk First Impressions

A few more things in the works, including a possible return of an audio format for The Tired Obsidian. Not necessarily a podcast, but a short 15 minute.. talk show.. thing..

Stay tuned!

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