What are you playing this weekend?

Another weekend is here and it’s time to play some games! Here’s the run down on the games I plan on playing this weekend.


I originally bought Frostpunk on my laptop when it was first released, but my computer was so out of date that the game would freeze up, do I was never able to actually play the game. Now it has finally come to consoles, and I can’t wait to experience its brutal campaign.


I have had Control since it launched and have been loving it so much. I slowed down a bit on playing this because I really just don’t want it to end. I know I’m getting closed to the end of the story though. It’ll be good for me to beat. Maybe I’ll go play Alan Wake again.

Borderlands 3

Still trucking along with Borderlands 3. Gave my impressions on the game in an earlier post. I’m enjoying the gameplay and I’m sure it’s a game I will eventually end up beating, but there really is no time pressure on this bad boy. I’ll play when the mood strikes.

Apex Legends Season 3

Apex Legends is still a fantastic game, even if I step away from it for a bit. Season 3 is in full swing and I’m all in after buying the battle pass. Season 3 brings an all new map and a brand new character. The map is pretty cool, I like the city area. The new character Crypto is the best part for sure. I’ve already won with him. I’m excited to play more this season.

World War Z

Well this game just hit Game Pass and I instantly downloaded it. This is a maybe on the list of games for me this weekend, but if I convince my brother to get it too then there’s definitely a possibility. I miss Left 4 Dead.

Dishonored 2

I have owned Dishonored 2 since it launched like, three years ago now. I still haven’t beaten it. I think it I end up completing the story for Control this weekend I will start Dishonored 2 again. After getting the no kill/ghost achievement on the first game you would think I would want to do the same with this one. It’s just a huge time commitment that I have to mentally prepare myself for.

My list is pretty ambitious, and to be honest I see myself only getting time to play half of these games, but I will definitely do my best!

What are you playing this weekend? Sound off!

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