Control First Impressions

When Control was announced at E3 2018, I was so excited for it. I even made it my most anticipated game from the show. Remedy has always sparked my fancy, from the dark Max Payne, to the spooky Alan Wake, and even the time manipulating Quantum Break, I had always enjoyed their games. Control is right up my alley.

Control is weird. Incredibly weird. There is a bureau called the Bureau of Control. These guys are essentially the Men in Black. Crazy things happen in the world and they handle it. It all feels very serious, but the collectibles you find are kind of tongue in cheek. Like finding book club reviews, or finding references to Alan Wake and the events of Bright Falls.

You play as Jesse. She had a run in with the bureau when she was a kid. Some sort of event happened in her home town and it was a big deal. She also seems to have some sort of voice inside her head. My guess is it is her brother who disappeared a long time ago.

Combat is fun. You get a weapon called that transforms itself into different type of weapons. Right now I have a pistol and a shotgun type. I just got an ability to fast evade as well, which definitely helps quite a bit when facing off against multiple enemies. Also, telekinesis. This shit is so much fun. Picking up random objects and hurling them at enemies feels fun. Only problem I have with it right now is the timing. I end up releasing the objects too soon and having it explode in my face. That’s not the games fault though, I’m just terrible at games.

Control is beautiful. The characters look great, the environments are incredibly detailed, and throwing objects around with telekinesis abilities is the best way to make a mess of a room. The atmosphere is amazing. Everything is so dark and creepy. Floating humans reciting incantations that The Hiss is forcing them to say. Its amazing to look at.

Speaking of The Hiss, this is the antagonist. Some other dimensional thing that has taken over people within the Bureau. So the enemies are possessed humans with guns. I did just take on one enemy that flew around the room throwing objects at me though. It seems like they are ramping up the type of enemies now.

After almost three hours of playing Control I realized there is a upgrade system. There are fast travel points in the game that essential act like Dark Souls bonfires. This is where you can upgrade your health and attack abilities. If the game actually told you about this, I absolutely missed it. Also, there are mods you can find and put on your service weapon and yourself to improve abilities.

Control does have frame rate issues. I have not run into anything that has ruined my enjoyment or has out right killed me in the game, but it is noticeable and a little jarring. Hopefully a patch will fix this in the future.

I have been having a great time with Control. It has been a really long time since a new game came out and I am completely fixated on it. It’s one of those games I am only playing when I can’t be interrupted. I put in my ear buds with the lights off and just enjoy my time.

I will do more fun posts on Control soon! Any one else playing Control? How are you liking it?

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