Remaster/Remake the First Assassin’s Creed Game You Cowards

There were only a few games in my childhood where I was so damn excited for the game to come out that I would watch the same handful of YouTube videos and the same trailers over and over and over again. The first Assassin’s Creed game was one of those games.

Assassin’s Creed was first released November 13th, 2007. I was only 13 years old and had absolutely no money to my name or else I would have bought it on launch day. Well, my mom would have. Instead, I decided to wait it out till Christmas. I made sure that it was the only thing I asked for, so I was almost guaranteed to get it. It was like all those cliche Christmas moments. I had opened up all my gifts and none of them were the game. Until my mom pulled it out from under the tree saying “oh, here’s one more for Cody!” She saved the best for last!

I was so ecstatic, I went to my bedroom, cracked it open, sniffed that brand new video game case plastic, (weird, I know) and read through that entire manual before even pulling the disc out. I ended up beating that game in three days. I did 3 assassinations a day and I was so sad when I beat it.

I absolutely love the first Assassin’s Creed. I think Altair has a great story and has some real, genuine character development. He goes from thinking he is a total bad ass, allowed to do whatever he wants, to realizing what the Assassin code really means, and growing to lead the Assassin Order himself. Of course, you don’t find out about any of that until Assassin’s Creed Revelations, but all of it was great.

Assassin’s Creed deserves a remaster. Way more so than Assassin’s Creed 3 or Liberation. Or even Rogue. AC1 quite literally started everything off, introduced Desmond, and had some really great cities to explore. The secrets you can find inside Abstergo was amazing as well, and the idea of catching glitches during cut scenes was awesome.

Imagine exploring The Holy Land again, riding your horse between all areas with absolutely no loading times. Combat would be improved with the Odyssey system, and the visuals would be amazing. It would also give a lot of players the opportunity to play the game for the first time to see how Desmond’s story started. Way too many people tell new players to just skip the first game in the series, and I really think that is a travesty.

Yeah, AC1 had it’s issues. But the fact that you had to actually plan out every single one of your assassinations was a big deal. Getting intel from people around the city, getting maps for where archers are posted at around your target, and just feeling like you were actually being stealthy and had to be stealthy to get your target was a big deal. Nowadays its all about combat, which is fine, but feels so divorced from previous entries.

And this time around, Ubisoft can actually out that damn crossbow in the game! It was so sick in the trailer to see Altair use it, and the fact that it was cut content really bites.

My one request would be to leave all that loot stuff out of it. Altair’s weapons were fabled to be the most bad ass of weapons. It would need to stay that way.

The first Assassin’s Creed game is what started this whole franchise, and it really deserves a lot more respect. The fact that other games from the same generation got remastered before it is absolutely crazy to me. Aside from the Etzio Trilogy, because those are great games.

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