I have Zero Attachment to Final Fantasy 7, and that Remake looks Amazing

Square Enix is doing their E3 press conference right now and I had to pull away and write about that Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay and trailer.

I have never played the original FF7 game. It was before my time and I don’t think the gameplay is something that will hold up for me. Turn based has never been my favorite type of genre, anyways.

I’m sitting here watching The Easy Allies reaction stream live right now, and just by proximity I am feeling a huge amount of nostalgia for FF7 Remake. I have no clue what’s going on, but they’re so excited and apparently now I am too.

The turn based combat is replaced with real time, with moments of slowed down tactical abilities. It looks so fucking good.

The graphics look amazing as well. The cut scenes and characters look top tier. This game definitely feels like end of a console generation type game, if not the beginning of a new one.

I can’t shake the feeling that the game is pretty linear though. Maybe it will open up way more later on though. Again, I know nothing about this game.

This game wasn’t on my radar even a little bit, but it sure is now. I’m looking forward to experiencing this game and story for the first time.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will release March 3rd, 2020.

8 thoughts on “I have Zero Attachment to Final Fantasy 7, and that Remake looks Amazing

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  1. Same here! Never got too interested in it and didn’t finish it when I tried. But yeah that remake looks amazing.

    You have some great posts here and I’d love to see you get more followers. I’ve found it’s super helpful and motivating to get involved in the gaming bloggers community, plus it grows your audience quickly. Geek Blogs United on Facebook is a great place to start. 🙂


    1. Hey thank you! I appreciate it. I actually no longer have a Facebook. I think most of my views and interactions actually come from people on the WordPress Reader which is kind of nice. Thought about reactivating my Facebook to branch out more but ehh.

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      1. There are also options for Twitter and Discord if you use those. On top of that I’m going to be doing a “Unknown Gaming Bloggers” spotlight weekly or biweekly soon featuring folks with less than 50 followers, to help them get some more readers and connect with the community, if that’s of interest. 🙂


      2. I got Twitter! Lol. Definitely need to branch out a bit more for sure.
        But yeah absolutely if you think I make the cut for something like that I would totally be down for it!

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  2. An interesting take to read! I myself am pretty invested in FF as a series, though I’ve not played the original 7 myself. Seen plenty of walkthroughs and I’ve played the subsequent spinoff 7 games myself. I think it’ll be really interesting to see what kind of story and game mechanics come with the remake!

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    1. I’m excited to dive into the remake for sure. FF 12 was the only game that I played a ton of, but never beat it. I think other games always end up taking precedent over a Final Fantasy game that they will always take a backseat until I get rid of my backlog. That might take a while lol.


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