Destroy All Humans! Gets the Second Life it Deserves – Remake Incoming

I just wrote about how much I would love to see a sequel to one of my favorite game franchises, Destroy All Humans!. I woke up this morning to a bombardment of people sending me links to the announcement trailer of a DHA Remake! Check it out below.

I have no clue what the fuck is up with that music, but it’s rad to see Crypto back in action. The humor is still there with the man shoved up a cows ass, and the Trump General look alike I predicted in my previous post.

The weapons make a come back as well, with some zapping and the destruct-o-ray. We don’t get to see much more beyond this, so I can’t wait to see some actually gameplay here soon!

Only downside is that it’s releasing sometime in 2020. I can wait though. Gives me time to replay the old games!

Anyone just as excited as I am? Let me know!

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