The Division 2 Update – 5/4/19

Hey everyone! I still haven’t finished The Division 2. The game is huge and honestly I don’t have the time to sit down every day and put a couple hours into it. That being said, I am still loving it. Have no fucking clue what the overall story is, but still enjoying the game play the most.

At this point, I am now level 21. My main focus has been rolling into each new area and completing the projects that each section of DC has for me, as well as upgrading the settlements. It seems like such easy goals for me to accomplish. I just hit a point though that some of the requirements to finish a project are in areas that I haven’t even been to yet. So now it seems like I need to start hitting some side missions, as well as the story missions to keep progressing.

I find myself avoiding control points and the activities that the world has. Mostly because I have been doing these project requirements that I really don’t want anything getting in my way. Just feels like an annoying obstacle. I do really like seeing supply groups moving from one control point to the other. It makes the world seem so much more alive. It’s great seeing people doing something. Where as in the first game you would see people fighting over a backpack, or just dying in the street.

Finding new weapons is still exciting. I had just recently gotten two high end weapons, a marksmen rifle and an assault rifle. I feel like an assault rifle is absolutely a must as a primary weapon. Then having either a rifle or Marksman rifle, something that can be a lot more precise at a further distance is essential. I always want to rock a shotgun or even an SMG, but it just does not seem like a very viable build, especially if I am playing solo. Maybe Dark Zone is different, but I still haven’t ventured into PvP stuff yet. Not sure if I can possibly find better equipment in there or not, but I think that will end up just being endgame stuff for me as well.

I am still enjoying the game quite a bit though. I don’t feel like I have hit a interesting part in the story yet though. I know from finding some echoes it seems like there is more going on behind the scenes, but I just have not come across it yet. Just seems like there are a bunch of assholes fighting to take over DC. Here’s hoping to hit a turning point so I actually tune in to what’s going on!

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