Is Assassin’s Creed going the way of God of War?

By now this is some old news, but it seems as though Ubisoft has might have snuck a little Assassin’s Creed teaser into The Division 2.
According to an article I read on Kotaku a while back there is an area within TD2 that has posters hanging up that look like they tie in with the next iteration of the AC franchise. It’s unclear who exactly is on the ppster, whether it be someone from Norse mythology or maybe the character you will get to play as next, but one thing is clear: they’re holding an Apple of Eden. A pretty stand out item in the AC franchise.

Of course this was speculation, but Kotaku ended up confirming it in their reporting with two separate sources. The game is codenamed Kingdom and will be releasing in 2020. Vikings definitely seem to be the focal point.

This isn’t the first time that Ubisoft has put a teaser for one of their games in a completely separate franchise. Watch_Dogs 2 had the infamous mission to hack into a Ubisoft building and steal a trailer for a game that has been having a very rough time in development hell ever since.

The main reason I wanted to make a post about this is to talk about how I felt about the newest location. The Norse mythology setting for video seems to have become relatively popular with game developers. Especially after God of War recently put a spotlight on it.

Is it too late to try and capitalise on this popular setting, or is this a good amount of time away from God of War that many people will be wanting to dig into the lore even more so? I for one really got into Norse mythology after playing God of War. I would love to see Ubisoft’s take on it.

There is no surprise here that Assassim’s Creed has taken the new mechanics that a lot of other third person action games have done. This leads me to feel like AC Kingdoms will feel really similar to the latest God of War entry. With the actions linked to bumpers and triggers. Not saying this is a bad thing at all, and I look forward to it.

There was a rumor not too long ago that reported on saying how Watch_Dogs 3 will be coming out this year and will be set in London, and the latest AC game was going to be set in Italy and was named Legion, but this sounds like it was made up. Besides, Italy isn’t a new location, and it seems like Ubisoft wants to keep exploring new areas. At least the W_D3 rumor sounds like it is true.

So how does everyone else feel about Assassin’s Creed going Norse? I know I’m all for it, and will be looking forward to it in 2020. Possibly on a new console even.

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