Sekiro is Tense and Hard as Hell – Impressions

I’ve been a big fan of the Souls type games for a little while now. Bloodborne probably being my favorite. Admittedly I have never actually beaten any of these games. I hit a point that I just cannot get past or a new game comes out that I fall prey to. I still love the combat and the atmosphere From’s games have. Now their newest game Sekiro has been released and I already know it will be a game I won’t end up finishing.

Sekiro takes a lot from their previous games. Fast travel points, resting brings back killed enemies, and that it’s hard as fuck. Outside of the numerous similarities and mechnicas, the game is actually still pretty different. The fighting has been slowed down from Bloodborne, but can be still quicker than Dark Souls. There is a ton of focus on the art of the parry, and stealth comes into the mix quite a bit as well. I am all for this. I’ve actually found myself doing pretty well the handful of hours I have put into so far, but it is just so intense. It’s just downright stressful.

There is also a story right up front. Sure, it’s still somewhat confusing and vague in some areas, but you have a named character, you have intense cut scenes, you have an objective. It’s good shit.

The graphics are still somewhat underwhelming for this gen though. I understand that From’s games have never looked anything spectacular outside of the scenery, but it’s still noticeable. It takes nothing away from the experience overall though.

My favorite thing so far is the prosthetic arm you get. First ability you get with it is a grapple, so the game gets vertical quick and stealth takedowns get interesting. You can get new attachments for it by exploring the world. I have one where I throw some ninja stars at people which can definitely come in hand.

So yeah, probably won’t end up beating this game. Like I said, the difficulty is definitely maxed out. But I am along for the ride for the time being. This game actually makes me want to get back to Bloodborne soon.

Any one else playing Sekiro? How are you liking it so far? Or do you hate it? Let me know!

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