Tired Update 3/26/2019

Hey everyone, welcome to another Tired Update brought to you by me, Cody, aka The Tired Obsidian. This blog post is all about updates to the blog and podcast and just future stuff.

I think every time I do one of these I talk about how I am going to write more. Then I do for a while, then drop off again for several weeks. I’m not entirely sure how to keep up on making new posts, but I figured as long as one new post goes up each day, whether it be a regurgitated news post but with my signature opinioms, or just an update on the games I am currently playing I think I can keep up on it. Just don’t want to stress it too much because what’s the fun in that?

Next up, the podcast. It has recently passed the 20 episode mark not counting special episodes we have done. This is a big deal since it is the furthest I have gotten with the podcast so far. It can be difficult when I am the only one running it and promoting it everywhere, but it is still fun to record. I am moving to a new home here in the next week that might put a bit of a strain on recording, but we will see what happens. At this point the podcast is just a secondary thing for me.

I always talk about doing videos. The hard part is getting video recorded and finding the time to hook everything up just to get an hours worth of uninterrupted footage. That being said, there will be more of an attempt in the near future. I need to get into a groove for it.

Finally, I have been thinking a lot about my future and just job stuff in general. I have always wanted to be a video game developer but have felt that I missed the boat on it. I don’t think that’s true anymore. So I might make a real go at it. If I do, everything else will turn into a side thing or will be dropped entirely. This blog would stay up, but that would be about it. This is only if I feel like I can really make a go at it. We will see!

Thanks for reading this everyone! Go give the podcast a listen, just search for it on any podcatcher The Tired Obsidian Podcast. Probably post something else today as well as this, so stay tuned for that!

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