Crackdown 3 is Fun for about 3 Minutes – Impressions

The long development of Crackdown 3 has been a weird one. Everything we saw of the game seemed pretty standard. The only thing new about the franchise was some sort of cloud destruction system that honestly sounded stupid. I was never a big fan of Crackdown. I did not hate it, it was always fun for a bit, but I would fall off of it. No Crackdown 3 has been released after years of development, and I decided to download and play it.

The game does not look like this, at all.

The start of the game is the best. It’s the opening cinematic with Terry Crews yelling at other bad ass looking characters. Its the only 3 minutes that are interesting, funny, and engaging. I actually thought I was going to enjoy the game after watching it.

The game play is amazingly boring. The guns suck and the shooting feels bland. It feels like a game stuck in last generation. There are no improvements from previous entries. The missions are just side quest set ups. Its not good.

This video doesn’t exist

The fun disappeared after that cut scene and never returned. It has already been deleted from my system and I don’t plan on looking back.

Are you playing Crackdown 3? Are you enjoying it at all? Let me know!

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      1. Going through old posts, never realized I missed this question! I had both the PS4 and the Xbox at the time. Now I have the Series X and the PS5!


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