This GIF is like a movie holy shit. Anyways, the game looks rad.

The Division was a great MMO-like game that I dug into quite a bit. I checked in every once in a while but made my way back after the sequel was announced and I love the changes they made to it along with all the new game modes. I’m never got as deep as a lot of other players who roll in the subreddit. End game stuff still isn’t quite my thing either.

Of course, I decided to preorder The Division 2 and I got a chance to play the Private Beta the past few days. It is absolutely more of The Division, and that is not a bad thing. Especially with how well they improved the first game, those improvements made their way here. The menu system was a little weird honestly, it’s slightly changed, but not enough to put me off at all.

I loved New York and winter time. It had such an amazing feeling. Like time was frozen and stuck in Christmas time. So yeah, I understand why people were a little worried about the new location. It’s honestly the complete opposite. DC is humid and bright with colors. The city is overgrown, wildlife is all around. When I first started the beta I felt like I was in The Last of Us. There was a deer, broken down helicopters, overgrown grass leading up to the White House. The world looks great and I welcome the new change.

The drone skill is definitely useful, from healing to attacking.

The story, from what I saw, was that this takes place four years after the ending of the first game. So the virus has been contained and the world is slowly rebuilding. DC is having a bit of a problem though. The city is getting occupied by a group called The Hyenas. It’s like a ragtag group of specialized ass holes who just want to fuck stuff up for everyone else. I don’t know more about it at this point, but it seems like a pretty standard thing.

Outside of the new location, everything feels the same for the most part. Weapons feel cool, and finding new equipment is always exciting. I was watching a stream of someone else playing the game on Twitch the other day and they got super excited about getting a green drop. Green drops are not high tier, but when you first start off in a game like this those drops are always a surprise and really makes you want to keep going.

There are new skills, but unfortunately, you only get to try out one of them. You have your turret and the seeker mine, but now there is a little drone you can have. I used it as my healer while having an auto turret unleash hell on my enemies. It seems like a good set up for a solo guy like myself. There are a few other skills that are locked for the beta like the Hive ability you have probably seen in the trailers and other gameplay demos. I really wanted to use it myself, but I suppose they have to keep some things locked so people are interested in jumping into the full game in March.

I can see this helping with boss fights, or getting rid of a bunch of grunts.

The map seems the same in terms of missions. What is nice though is that you actually happen to come across random encounters just exploring the world. Kind of like how Red Dead Redemption 2 has those strangers. These are dealing with public executions that The Hyenas are putting on. There are also little areas that The Heynas occupy and you have to run in, take over the area, then bring in reinforcements to make sure it stays under your control.

We also got a taste of end game content within the beta. You can choose between 3 different specialized pre-made characters. I’m not sure how I feel about the specializations though. You have a sharpshooter, survivalist, and demolitionist. They just seem like weird specials I guess. I tried out the survivalist because he had a crossbow and that’s a new edition to the game. After playing the mission for a little bit and getting my ass kicked I knew that I would probably need to find a crew to play the end game content with. This isn’t a bad thing since I knew a few people who will be diving into this world with me, but I just hope I can keep them going till the end.

I’m not sure what else they have new for the game so far. I think we will see more when we get past those initial two story missions the beta gave us, but if you enjoyed the first game and played till the end, if not longer, then The Division 2 is a nice way to go. For me, I only need one looter shooter to play, and after falling of Destiny 2 pretty quickly and the Anthem “Demo” was pretty terrible, I know I can sit pretty and enjoy The Division 2 with all its got.

Did you get a chance to play The Division 2 beta? What did you think of DC? Let me know everything in the comments below!