Bioshock/Fallout Hybrid Atomic Hearts is not what it seems

Edit: Original source is here. Here is the reddit post detailing and transcribing the web page that is in Russian.

According to rumors I just read on Daily Gaming Report, the game Atomic Hearts being developed by Mundfish is in a bad way in terms of development, and is not the game that everyone is thinking it is.

Atomic Hearts dropped its first trailer last year and it looked incredible. A mix of Bioshock and Fallout was enough to interest most gamers, including myself.

Now rumors are coming out that the game first showed looks no where near as impressive. Most of what we saw wasn’t even in the games engine.

Apparently there have been lay offs, so there are not enough knowledgeable developers to work on the game in house. Even speculation that the CEO has not given any sort of road map for the team, so the direction of Atomic Hearts, well, doesn’t have one.

The latest gameplay seems to be more of what the game is looking like now, but without a true direction the game has no idea what it wants to be. People are expecting to explore this world but the game is actually small and linear.

This is really saddening to see. I was planning on writing something up about the latest trailer earlier today too. It look so promising. Of course don’t take this all as gospel. These are all rumors of course.

Check out Daily Gaming Reports article on this with the link above or here.

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