Ubisoft Seemingly Cancels Project Pioneer

Edit: Added in the screenshots from the former employees at Ubisoft and their tweets on the cancellation.

Ubisoft has never been afraid go meta with their own games, doing numerous crossovers and easter eggs for fans to find. Back when Watch_Dogs 2 was released they took it a step further and put the studio in the game. There was a side mission to hack into Ubisoft and find footage of a yet unannounced game. This was all fun in games until we actually found out that this was a real project they were working on. Even some of the developers working on the game had no clue this little snippet was going to be released to the world. That game was title Project Pioneer.

The music and the just overall feeling of this footage is fantastic. RIP Pioneer.

We didn’t find out much information on it outside of it being some sort of Sci-Fi project. I was definitely pretty excited about the idea of Ubisoft shaking things up a bit. I have been a pretty big Ubisoft fan for a while now, but to say that their formula hasn’t been getting pretty familiar would be an understatement. Having them venture off into space and do something new would have been a treat for sure.

Unfortunately it seems like the project has been canceled. Former Ubisoft employees were found tweeting about it saying “RIP Pioneer”. Apparently the game has been in some sort of development issues for several years now, but it is always a sad day to see a new IP get scrapped.

Former creative director for Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3
Former animator on Assassin’s Creed 3

I would hate to see Ubisoft scrap a new IP altogether and continue pushing out sequels to games like AC and Far Cry. Watch_Dogs 3 does need to happen though.

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