The Tired Update 1/16/2019

Hey, this is the first update post for the year of 2019! I just wanted to touch base with anyone who has been reading my past posts and just give them an update on what I have been up to and also some future stuff.

The writing is coming, slowly though. My ambitious goal of a post a day is hard to hit. Maybe every other day will be an easy target though. I think my biggest problem is that I am trying to act like this website is a big gaming news site and needs to read incredibly professionally and all that. It’s not. This is just a blog. If I want to write and enjoy what I produce, I need to take a step back from that whole idea and just start putting stuff up.

Outside of this, The Tired Obsidian Podcast is still going strong. Have officially 13 episodes in and it has fine numbers in terms of listeners. I want to punch those up though and try to reach more people. It has definitely turned from a video game focused podcast to a pop culture podcast. We always talked about movies and TV shows, but it has been growing quite a bit and people have been loving it lately. I also want to try and edit in more music or something. Something that can be recognized by listeners easier. Not sure what yet, but I will figure it out.

I also really want to start helping other people produce podcasts. I want The Tired Obsidian to turn into some sort of network for podcasts, video content, and all that fun stuff. So if you have anything you might be interested in doing with me, including podcasts, writing, and making videos, please hit me up!

YouTube Channel

Moving on to the next medium, videos. I know I keep saying I want to produce videos more often. It’s a hard thing to do though with the amount of free time I really do have in my life. Me talking in front of a camera might be making its return, but it will probably be something like these updates I post. Doing video reviews is also a big thing I would like to do, but again, playing and even beating games is a difficult thing for me right now.

Alright everyone, so that’s it for right now. Recap: writing is getting refocused on, the podcast is doing good but can do much better, and video content is at the forefront of my things to get going. Thanks for going through this quick read with me. If you have any feedback, suggestions, comments, questions, or whatever else, please hit me with them. Much appreciated!

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