Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – 40 Hours in and I bought that Experience Boost

*Spoilers inside y’all.

Hey all, it’s time for another check in with the newest Assassin’s Creed game, Odyssey. Last time I did a 20 hour check in and I was feeling pressured to do more bad side quests just to level up enough to get to the actual content I wanted to do, the main storyline.

So I bought that controversial experience booster. It gives an extra 50% to everything you do. Kills, exploring, quests. Normally I wouldn’t buy something like this. But because how Odyssey is structured, I really didn’t want to continue doing stuff I wasn’t enjoying.

Come to find out, you are still actually forced to do more side quests to actually unlock story missions. Want to find that dastardly cultist? Help every single person in that area before it will pop up, or randomly kill a captain in a stronghold to gain a clue on them.

Everything like this is connected. So no matter what you do, you are pushed into doing more. Which I understand. Ubisoft has built this massive world and they want you to explore and experience it. Unfortunately this world they created is bloated with too much content that is pretty sub par. Every strong hold is the same. There are a few missions that are interesting enough, but majority of them are bad fetch quests or just feeling entirely pointless for a mercenary to do.

I don’t regret buying the boost though. I feel like it is still letting me skip a lot of meaningless stuff and stay on level. I haven’t gotten over levelled yet, but I am staying on par with everything I am meeting.

I also found a super rad rare helmet. It has skulls, and one of them is covering one of the eye holes. It looks so bad ass. Unfortunately its only a rare helmet, and I unlocked the complete Snake Set armour. Poison is a cowards weapon, but man does it help take big boys down.

All in all though, I have been really enjoying what the game has given me. Weirdly enough, 20 hours deeper into the game and I still feel like I am in the same spot story wise. It has gotten more weird though. Atlantis is now involved. And Kassandra’s father is.. a god I think? Its all still pretty confusing if I’m being honest. Hopefully in another 20 hours I will be closer to discovering what the hell is actually going on, and how it really fits in with the Assassin’s Creed lore. And why it really matters.

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