I Have A Podcast

Hey everyone! I haven’t written on her in a bit because.. well, life. That seems to be my excuse every time I go on a slight hiatus, but yeah man, that’s what it is. Surprisingly enough though, my posts are still getting views and people are still reading my older stuff. 

I just wanted to make a quick post here saying that I have created a podcast! It’s already several episodes deep at this point, but we are consistently posting new episodes every single week. It is a gaming podcast, but we talk about so much more than that as well. It’s a lot of fun honestly.

It stars me, my friend Brandon, and his girlfriend Mary Beth. We are all pretty different in terms of the games that we play, so our opinions are always different. I have been having an amazing time recording with these two so far.

So check out the link below to find my profile on Anchor. You can listen to it there, or you can find it on literally any other podcasting platform our there! Be sure to leave comments, feedback, and of course questions! Thanks everyone!

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